Best Government Apps 2020 or Recently launched apps by the government of India 2020 are the examples of the government’s initiative to sync with the digitalisation that has brought a paradigm.

Taking advantage of the popularity of mobile apps in India, they have launched various applications and in 2020. Amidst the pandemic, they have also launched AarogyaSetu, an app by govt of India for corona.

To make India digital and in line with the vision of Government of India’s initiative ‘Digital India’. Indian Government has launched various mobile apps every now or then to make lives better for Indian citizens. The recent apps launched by the government of India are:

  • AarogyaSetu App: An app by govt of India for corona, Arogya Setu; (English translation: “ The bridge for liberation from disease”) is like many other countries. India’s approach to dealing with the pandemic with an open-source cross-platform. CoVID-19 which has contact tracing, syndromic mapping and self-assessment digital service. The famous mobile app by government 2020 is developed by the National Informatics Centre under. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and has seen its share of acceptance as; it has reached 100 million installs in the 40 days of its launch. With growing privacy and security concerns, the source code of the app was made public on 26th May 2020.
  • BHIM: Digital money or going cash-free has become a huge part of the 21st century; and while there are many digital cash apps. BHIM is the most popular government apps in India. Yes, developed by National Payment Corporation of India, BHIM stands for ‘Bharat Interface for Money’; is a mobile app launched to make India cash-free. It is intended to facilitate e–payment directly through the bank accounts. Unlike other digital wallets which hold money in an online wallet. This app is exclusively designed to transfer money directly between different bank accounts.
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: One of the most popular government apps in India. And one of the most needed initiative, Swachh Bharat has been effective in dealing with the current state. How one can get assisted from the app is if there is a lot of garbage in a locality. And no one from municipality department has come to clean it up for days. They can just click a picture of it and post the same on Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan App. It will automatically be forwarded to the nearest municipality office to do the needful.
  • GST Rate Finder: Today, Indian businesses cannot exist without having a proper and valid GST number; and while most of them rely on a CA to handle these services. This app acts as a facilitator for these entrepreneurs and businessman. As they can use this app to learn about the current and applicable GST rates for themselves. Download one of the recent apps launched by the government of India app. The ready reckoner for all the tax rates that are levied under the umbrella of GST developed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. Which can be great for businesses which cannot hire a chartered accountant to look after their taxes such start-ups and small businesses.
  • Online RTI: Like most, the traditionally offline processes have gone online with the Indian government’s digital apps, the people who are looking to file an RTI can download Online RTI. The app will assist you with RTI filing with the help of virtual lawyers and experts who will draft an application on your behalf and send it for approval to the RTI department. You can make edits to the draft before applying.
  • Umang App: Umang or “hope” stands for ‘Unified Mobile App for New-Age Governance’ developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to promote Digital India initiative. It is one of the most famous Indian Government digital apps that act as a one–in–all platform with over 100 services such as payment of utility bills, filing income tax, booking a gas cylinder, checking provident fund account and many more.
  • mPassportSeva: Aviation industry offers a great range of mobile application, but when it comes to passport and visa details, well the government and its departments are involved and as the timeline matters, an application developed by the Ministry of External Affairs, mPassportSeva assists people. Those who are looking to get a new passport can download it and avail the several passports–related services the top listed among one of the largest project of Indian Government i.e. National E-Governance Plan offers.
  • MyGov: Taking into consideration the increasing number of budding start-ups owners and it would surprising if we would have not included “MyGov” application in the list of top Indian government digital apps. The Indian citizen engagement platform allows a citizen to participate in the governance of India for channelizing the ideas, comments and creative suggestions by connecting people with central ministries and related government organizations.


When we are stating the government efforts towards making life easier for entrepreneurs. Start-up India is an initiative one cannot ignore, it has been a key platform for early age entrepreneurs. The Indian government’s program focusses on encouraging young Indians and their decision. To take up entrepreneurship as a career, assisting them in early years of their entrepreneurship. Career by connecting them with the right leadership, mentors, incubators or investors as well as other entrepreneurs. It can make India self-reliant and create job opportunities in the country.


Every application mentioned above launched by the Government of India targets urban and rural areas and aid them with the required services and products. Especially as the GOI has recognised the potential of Internet and PM Modi launched Digital India program, there have been efforts made for on developing different apps to improve the lives of common man, people from the informal sector or people belonging to (BPL) Below Poverty Line.

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