Online RTI, Govt App To File RTI Online to Any Govt. Office

Online RTI, Govt App To File RTI Online to Any Govt. Office

What is RTI? Every citizen has a right to know how the government is functioning and Right to Information empowers every citizen to seek any information from the Government. One can use this power to get Know details on the implementation of any government scheme or a program like Swach Bharat and others, know details on funds allocated for any government project and how they were utilized, know-how MP, MLA fund in your locality was used, know how much funds were allocated for fixing roads in your area, know about any government rule or procedure, get your delayed passport clear, get your pending IT Refund, and get your property documents

Online RTI is a website and application launched as a portal to file RTI applications/first appeals online along with payment gateway by Indian Citizens for all Ministries/Departments and other Public Authorities of Central Government. RTI applications/first appeals should not be filed for other Public authorities under Central/State Govt. through this portal. One can make payment through internet banking of SBI, debit/credit cards of Master/Visa and RuPay cards.


Online is a service for filing RTI application where you can draft your application as per the rules, find the correct PIO address, pay the fees using IPO or Demand Draft and send the application using speed post.

After you apply, a team of RTI experts and lawyers will go through your RTI application and draft it as per RTI best practices. The drafted application will be sent to you for approval. If any modification is required you can edit the application. Once approved, the logistics team will pay the required government fees by IPO or Court Fee Stamp or Demand Draft as mandated by respective departments.

Further, it will be packaged with all attachments and dispatched to the concerned department by registered or speed post. Response from the government authorities will reach you within 30 days as mandated by the RTI law. At present Online RTI don’t allow anonymous filing, the platform helps you draft the application properly and send it with your name and address to a concerned government office. Information is directly provided by government office to your address. You can also have an option of filing the RTI applications in Hindi while you can write your problem in simple Hindi and Online RTI will take care of everything else.

As far as online RTI for state government is concerned, there are RTI online links available for almost every state except Jammu and Kashmir which has its own RTI act. While following Maharashtra, With RTI online, Delhi became the second state to have an e-RTI portal. 


  • Once you download the application “Online RTI” from the play store, you can open it on your mobile phone.
  • Then you will see that there are a lot of ministries from which you can get the information. You will see tabs of Passport Delay, IT refund, Answer Sheets, FIR Status, Fund use and Property Docs.
  • Options below these will be “Sign in with Google” and “Continue as guest”
  • Once you select your preferred option, you will see the page with File RTI Online, under which there will be following options Apply, Track, Contact, Help
  • You can click on Apply option and fill the application form with all the basic information and click on Next button
  • This will land on an interface with all the options for “Personal RTI”, “Social RTI” and “other RTI”
  • Below that, you have the options to avail any information from different ministries according to your need.
  • Once you click on the option, fill the information related to that ministry like for income tax, your pan number and other details, you will land on a page with your RTI Summary
  • After checking every detail, you can click on either click on “edit” to change any detail or click “Next”
  • You will see your RTI App No. and asked to Select Your RTI Consultation Option, with two options “By Email” and “ By Phone” with respective amounts for both and fee breakdown as well with “More info about pricing” link. You can select “Pay Now” button
  • After that you will be directed to Paytm payment gateway where you can select “Debit Card”, Credit Card” and “Net Banking”, fill details and select “Pay Now”

Points To Remember

The applicant will get an email and SMS alert on submission of application which is one of the most celebrated features of this application.

While filling application, remember only alphabets A-Z a-z number 0-9 and special characters, . – _ ( ) / @ : & \ % are allowed in text for RTI request application.

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