Unknown Facts about Magazine, You do not Know

Unknown Facts about Magazine, You do not Know

Magazines have presented a strong part of the fabric of society for a very long time. While their history is not an extended one time-wise, their impact and influence on society are great. Although we live in a new and digital age, the power of print publications is still in the high demand. In the contemporary world, the magazine is considered as the best way of marketing. Magazines are a wonderful source of education, people read to stay updated with the latest fashion trends, about the business tips and tricks, about lifestyle, traveling, food and many more.

To celebrate the continuous progress and growth of the best business magazine in India, we are taking a look at a list of fascinating facts about magazines.

  1. When it comes to influencing consumers to start a search online, Magazines are on the No. 1 position – higher than all modern and advance media options.
  2. There are over 100,000 publications registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India.
  3. A German literary and philosophy type magazine, Erbauliche Months Unterredungen was the first magazine in the world; it was published in 1663.
  4. The Gentleman’s Magazine was the first general-interest magazine; it was first published in 1731 in London.
  5. Edward Cave, the editor of The Gentleman’s Magazine, was the first person in the world to use the term “magazine” that was intended as an analogy of a military storehouse.
  6. In the 15th century, the printing machine was invented by Gutenberg that was the biggest contribution in the publishing industry.
  7. In the magazine industry, Saturday is considered the best selling day for the magazine than other days. At the airport, Friday is considered the second-best day for selling the magazine.
  8. You will be surprised to know that magazines deliver more ad impressions than TV or Web in the half-hour period.
  9. Even in this digital world, magazine readership in the 18 to 34 segment is increasing at a rapid pace.
  10. November is known as the slowest month for selling magazines than other months.

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