Working professionals like consultants and employees in management sector are always on the go, they travel across the world to manage the business activities. From early morning flights to being in the hotels on the other end of the world, one may lose track of time for meals, especially healthy meals. While many of these professionals work in a corporate setting with jobs that require them to sit for long durations of time and restricted movement along with stress at the job, they tend to gain that extra weight.

In a profession, where one is required to look presentable to make an impression on the parties they are approaching to consult, the most essential challenge is to watch food and lifestyle habits. Along with sleeping on time and having at least half an hour dedicated to some sort of workout, these professionals can choose to eat healthy with these tips:

  • Replace Saturated with Unsaturated Fat: Fats are essential to support the proper functioning of the body. While consuming too much of the fats can lead to increased weight and improper functioning of the body, especially affecting cardiovascular health. Categorising fats as unhealthy food is however not right as the different kinds of fats have different kinds of effects on the health.
  • Be aware of the right kinds of fats helps in maintaining a balanced diet. One should limit the consumption of saturated fats whereas completely avoid Trans fats. Eating fish twice a week is an easy way to consume unsaturated fats. One other essential trick to avoid unnecessary fats is to choose other methods of cooking than frying like a boil, steam or bake.
  • Reduce Sugar and Salt Intake: A high salt intake can cause high blood pressure as it increases the amount of sodium in the bloodstream and wrecks the delicate balance, reducing the ability of the kidneys to remove the water. There are different ways to avoid and reduce the most essential part of the food, salt in the diet.
  • Awareness while shopping can reduce the chances of buying foods with high sodium content. While cooking, an intentional attempt can be made to substitute salt with spices increasing the variety of flavours and tastes. Sugar provides sweetness and attractive taste; sugary drinks are rich in energy should be consumed in moderation. Consuming fruits instead is an essential way to sweeten foods and drinks.
  • Eat regularly with an eye on the portion size: Skipping meals and staying hungry are the unhealthiest things one can do. While some people resort to snacking, it should never replace the meals. While healthy snacks like yoghurt, a handful of dry fruits or any seasonal fruit can be consumed, having small portion sized meals in a few hours’ intervals is a healthy choice, and people should opt for.
  • Take small servings of food at one time with a balance of fats and other nutrients should be focused on. While eating out, one should opt for sharing with a friend to aid portion control.
  • Eat variety of foods: Good health is defined with a variety of 40 different nutrients which can be consumed in a single food item or a single meal. Each meal should be customised and a balanced food choice should be made while eating. Over time, the habit of eating the right amount of healthy food makes a difference. A low-fat dinner after a high-fat lunch or eating a fish on the next day after eating a large meat portion at dinner can make a lot of difference.
  • Carbs are usually avoided by the people, but there are good carbs that can be consumed to boost the weight loss process which includes whole grain bread, pasta, cereals, oats, barley, brown rice, and quinoa. Carbohydrates should take 45 to 65 percent of the daily calorie intake. Eating a lot of carbs can lead to increased levels of insulin, which stores fat in the body. Various experts do advice to eat low-carb diets to reduce the level of insulin.

Foods like sweet potatoes, roasted chickpeas in the diet can help as they will result in weight gain but produce the energy needed by the body to perform various tasks in daily life. The most essential part of a working professional’s life is time and its management and hence the tips mentioned above can be customised to ensure that they can ensure a healthy lifestyle along to cope better with their professional and personal life.

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