Following the busy lifestyle, one of the basic elements of human lives, sleep, has become a luxury. For millennials, sleep may be compromised by various reasons, the internet being a core element of each.

Some of them spend their time working; others tend to spend the night time as entertainment hours, watching online content on various platforms like Netflix, Prime, etc. While there are various other reasons hampering sleep, these two reasons tend to be the most common ones when it comes to lifestyle habits leading to sleeping disorders in the millennials.

Many conditions, diseases and disorders can result in a disrupted sleep including allergies and respiratory problems, nocturia, chronic pain, stress and anxiety leading to various types of sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, parasomnias, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy.

While experiencing the problems trying to sleep, visiting a doctor to receive diagnosis and treatment is essential. Doctors usually conduct a physical exam, followed by gathering important facts like symptoms and medical history and order tests including polysomnography, electroencephalogram, and genetic blood testing.

The doctors usually suggest a couple of treatment plans based on their diagnosis which are either medical treatments or lifestyle changes. Melatonin supplements, sleeping pills, cold medication, medication of the underlying diseases and breathing device or surgery if needed. Lifestyle changes, however, are focused on ensuring a better diet, reducing stress, etc.

The top 7 lifestyle hacks for better sleep routine include:

  1. Sleep Pattern: Afternoon naps, spending the night waking and the sleeping or creating a sleep pattern where one sleeps late and wakes up late, all these acts are a common part of the lifestyle one follows. While it may seem tempting, but disrupting the biological clock will eventually cause the disorders. Creating a healthy sleeping pattern reduces the time to fall asleep and the efforts to wake up the next day helping one achieve a better quality of life.
  2. Eating Pattern: Both of the crucial elements of human lives, eating and sleeping are co-related. Changing food patterns can lead to a better sleeping pattern. One should avoid drinking caffeine loaded drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate, by mid-afternoon. While the eating pattern rules also apply to dinner. The last meal of the day should be the lightest and finished a few hours before sleeping.
  3. Workout Pattern: How well one can sleep also depends on the amount of energy he/she has spent in the gym or park. Playing any game which includes physical activity, spending time in the gym, practising yoga, or doing any form of physical exercise leads to stress-free day time as well as night time. Exercise helps the body temperature to rise and post exercise, the cool down leads the human body to fall asleep.
  4. Drinking Pattern: Partying out and drinking alcohol is a common trait seen of various individuals today, while the cause may be to enjoy or to relieve stress, the impact on the body is increased pressure. Initially, one may find it easy to sleep under the influence of alcohol, once it wears off, he/she is likely to wake up and have a hard time falling asleep. Drinking alcohol is not a solution for sleeping or better sleeps and hence should be avoided.
  5. Avoiding Gadgets: One of the tricks to fall asleep better and faster is to avoid using the gadgets before sleeping. While watching television, mobile phones, laptops or playing video games is a common activity that people opt for while they are trying to sleep, the waves from these gadgets tend to stimulate the brain, making it harder to wind down and eventually fall asleep.
  6. Own Sleeping Space: Kids and dogs are the most common bed hogs that tend to keep disrupting the sleep. Sleeping with kids and dogs leads to hogging as they are some of the worst sleepers. Avoid keeping them in bed and sleep in a personal sleeping space can lead to a better nap.
  7. Finding the Right Temperature: The temperature of the bedroom has to be right in order to ensure that one does not spend time tossing and turning to fall asleep. Keeping the temperature too hot or cold can lead to problems while sleeping. Maintaining an appropriate temperature in the bedroom along with comfortable sleeping attire can lead to a reduced body temperature drifting the body to sleep faster and more deeply.


The effects of sleep disorders can be disruptive and hence it is essential to ensure that one can resolve the problems faced while trying to sleep by adopting changes in the lifestyle. While approaching doctors and following treatment plans is an option, these lifestyle changes can help one achieve a better quality of life with quality sleep and reduced symptoms of sleeping disorders to an extent.

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