Two Ways In Which Great Leaders Inspire Business Culture

Let’s talk about two ways great leaders inspire culture. The first way great leaders inspire culture,  is they always put culture first,  it’s the number one thing, right?  Product and strategy and all of these things are really important but those things won’t be successful without a great culture.  Ultimately, you can’t execute the game plan without the right team culture, you have to have a team culture that’s a winning culture, that’s a championship team,  so you have to put that first.  If you look at sports, generally,  what you’ll see is a great coach, not because of the plays that they run or the schemes that they have, it’s because they’ve built a great team culture and you can almost even take that same coach and put them into a sport that they have never coached before, never even played possibly and they’ll probably have a winning team.  Why?  Because of culture.  It’s because the bond that you build, it’s an elite team, on an elite level that has each other’s backs.  Everybody in the organization trusts each other, supports each other, puts in the work, right?  It has a standard of excellence and if you start there, you can almost sell anything or do anything and you will be successful because you have the right team, especially when it comes to how to make money on shopify.

The second way great leaders inspire culture is by having a standard of excellence across the board, from the top, down.  You have to lead by example.  So, great leaders are going to lead by example in this area, it’s about attention to detail, it’s about not leaving any rock unturned, right?  And having that culture in the entire organization.  Ultimately, everybody on the team has to put the team first, it can’t be about me,  it has to be about we, right?  And so, to have a culture, you need to have a standard of excellence that’s adhered to.  If there are people in the organization that isn’t ultimately bought into the mission, aren’t bought into the vision, aren’t bought into the strategy,  that’s okay, but they should be on a different team,  they shouldn’t be on your team.  You need a team that is a championship team, that all believes in the same thing, that’s aligned and headed in the same direction, ultimately, to be successful.

So here’s the deal, this is the one thing to remember.  No matter what you do, a culture will be formed in your organization.  You can either shape that culture or you can let it shape itself and so what you want to do,  is you want to speak into existence,  what your culture needs to be.  What’s your attitude like?Is drop shipping legal?  What’s your work ethic like?  How do you treat each other?  What do you want to look like when you grow up?  You need to be always talking about these things  and you need to lead by example,  so that you’re shaping the culture  and not necessarily allowing it to shape itself  because the bottom line is,  there’s going to be a culture that’s created either way,  so you want to have a culture of a successful team,  an elite team, a championship team and a winning team,  you need to be at the forefront of building that culture yourself and if there’s people in your organization that don’t ultimately fit that mould,  that’s completely fine,  they probably are a perfect fit somewhere else but they’re not the perfect fit on your team,  so build a championship team.  If you can do that, I can promise you that you’ll be successful.

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