To drive sports cars, travelling around the globe and collecting artefacts are some stock hobbies of businessmen. When these people have spare time, they use their time to fill their hearts with joy by escaping monotony. One hobby that every rich person has persuaded is philanthropy.

People who can fulfil any kind of materialistic desire have a lot of things to do. Here is a list of hobbies that only business heads can afford.


Skiing is a fascinating hobby to peruse for riches. It is thrilling, exciting and adventurous at the same time. Rich men like Heston Blumenthal and Bruce Springsteen are very much fond of skiing. There was also a rumour going on that the Russian-Israeli billionaire businessman, investor and politician “Roman Abramovich” who loves to ski had tried to acquire the entire resort of Courchevel in eastern France just for his personal skiing.


Almost all world leaders have their private plane or helicopter in their backyard. Taking flying lessons is a very common hobby of company’s CEOs and Directors. Well with this hobby, some businessmen do have their head in the clouds. Owner of Hilton Hotels, William Barron Hilton is a clear example of this.

Race Cars

Buying race cars is still the coolest thing most businessmen do. Sports cars are fascinating and appeal to the riches. A man like Rowan Atkinson who is widely known as Mr. Bean has bought his sports car to satisfy his need for speed. Money might not buy happiness but it can surely buy excitement.


Polo has always been a game for riches. It is considered as a game for royal families in England, Hollywood stars like Will Rogers, and even Walt Disney was a polo lover. Polo has attracted business tycoons and many rich actors since ages.

Owning Vineyards

Wines tasting is one of the most famous hobbies for businessmen but now most rich people like Arnold Palmer, Francis Ford Coppola and even Brad Pitt who are very fond of wines are growing their vineyards.


Life must be sailing when you have millions in your account, so why don’t you sail to the seas. Business leaders like to spend their holidays with their family on their personal yachts as this is a great way to cut off to the outer world.

Owning Pets

The one thing that is extremely lavish above all is to own an exotic pet. People buy pet like a kangaroo, leopards, alligators, and even lions. This is a hobby for many people to buy pet different from others.


Golf is considered boring by society but this is a favourite hobby for many billionaires, like Bill gates. Businessmen when get old most of them are unable to stay physically fit, but thanks to golf as it is a game of feel and skills so old leaders and CEO’s can still achieve in their 50’s  and 60’s.

Art collections

Wealthy people have always been a fan of artistic things, and people like David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio has spent six figures for their individual art collections. Riches believe that “art is long but life is short.”

Horse Riding

It may seem to like doing gambling rides and mafia but owning a horse is a common hobby of riches. Horse riding is exciting and thrilling; you learn to control an animal at the same time. Once mastered, you would love to ride horse daily. One of the famous names who love owning a horse is Steven Spielberg.

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