99 YRS helps e-commerce businesses to grow 7+ figure!

99 YRS helps e-commerce businesses to grow 7+ figure!

E-commerce has changed the way of doing business. It has changed the buying/selling process and has introduced new techniques for doing business. By 2025, the economy generated by e-commerce will grow to 335 billion, and Marketplaces will redefine the ways of doing business.

So the transformation of mostly all business to e-commerce platforms has become necessary. It is easy to start an E-commerce business but difficult to survive and grow. Mostly, brands are good with products and their development, but can’t market them. That’s where 99 YRS comes into the picture.

99 YRS is a performance-driven e-commerce agency that enables e-commerce businesses to scale to 7+ figures using strategic analysis, paid ads, and e-commerce marketing gimmicks. We have helped our clients to reach a ROAS of 5x, or 8x, or even 10x using Social media Ads, Amazon sponsored Ads, and Google Ads.

We make our client’s brand popular by offering services like:

  • E-commerce Marketing
    • Marketplace + Google Ads
    • SMM
    • Amazon Sponsored Ads
    • Display Ads
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Technology
  • Sales funnel
  • E-commerce consultancy
  • Data analysis
  • Channel management
  • Content

99 YRS can help e-commerce business to grow 7+ figures because:

  • Generated more than 5 million in revenues for clients.
  • Help brand to upscale their store sales by 2x, 6x, 8x, or even 10x.
  • Tie-up with more than 20+ marketplaces.
  • Our tie-up with 11 different countries helps clients to sell globally.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • Add value to our Clients.
  • Worked with more than 300 brands from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We provide our clients with ROI-driven strategies and demonstrate an optimized campaign that helps brands to grow. 99 YRS not only cater to our clients but also Partner with them. We believe that “We win when our client wins.”


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