CMS IT Services: Improving and Elevating the IT Infrastructure space with its future driven approach

CMS IT Services: Improving and Elevating the IT Infrastructure space with its future driven approach

The IT landscape is a totally different ground to what it was before, thanks to limitless and ever-evolving global business environment. Generally, an enterprise’s IT Infrastructure compiles abounding components such as network and security structure, storage and servers, business applications, operating systems and database. Any downtime in the IT infrastructure can cripple the overall productivity which in turn affects the revenue of the organization. Realities of the machine age, increasing concerns in line with data security, new data acquisition methodology and escalating data have cultivated a need for profound IT implications and an agile, flexible and quickly ductile technology foundation to drive businesses successfully in the fast-changing environment. While businesses grasp at straws in the dire straits of finding the right fit, CMS IT, is strengthening its efforts in providing managed services solutions, while bridging the gaps between businesses and operations.

The inception of the leader

Well equipped to handle challenges, CMS IT’s journey sailed out back in 1976 with a vision to leverage maintenance services for installed computers based in the country. Trailblazing its endeavor as the best-in-class IT-MS partner for industry leaders, the brand cultivated a cutting edge for its deftness in the market and became a reseller for a host of OEMs, thus creating a niche for itself across the industries in 1980s and 1990s. Synchronizing the businesses with a more tech-driven mechanism, the enterprise has re-written the industry dynamics completely over the years of its operation. The advent of various technology trends like cloud technology, cyber security etc. evolved the marketplace. The rapid evolution of IT was becoming the lifeline of businesses which created a flux in the market with lot of opportunities. The management observed the ailments of the industry and found the right spot to turn these challenges into its adroitness with strategies to deliver personalized solutions for complex IT projects. The move of understanding the disruptive market and anchoring its presence while others were going through a messy and rough transformation turned proved to be a great opportunity to the organization. CMS IT positioned themselves as a system integrator renowned for DC, Cloud and End User. They have become a dominant player in the Indian IT managed services because of their ability to offer personalized services to their customers.

“Against this backdrop of flux in the market, we decided to re-orient our strategy so that we could exploit the opportunity the marketplace was offering.” asserts Mr. Anurag Mehrotra, who currently chairs as the CEO of CMS IT Services. Mr. Mehrotra has been instrumental in conceptualizing and incubating business ideas and scaling them to a leadership position in the market. His distinct vision and unparalleled approach has fuelled the organization to expand and grow its services business portfolio by focusing on next generation of Predictive IT Support Services delivering business results and Professional System Integration Services targeted at Cloud Enablement for Enterprises.

Areas of Expertise

Since its inception, CMS IT has been sitting at the heart of the IT domain as an unequivocal leader providing impeccable IT services to varied industry leaders. CMS ITs’ solutions are designed using RPA and ARPA, tailor-made BOT club with a range of bots which is essentially a framework to be implemented in a specific customer environment. Backed by pre-failure detection and incident reduction deftness, the organization’s integrated automation platform covers all aspects- end user or data center.

Tapping into Intelligence

Speaking over the innovative trends infused by CMS IT, Mr. Mehrotra continues, “Our innovative Managed Services provide customers with self-help capabilities enabling them to quickly deploy an automated infrastructure support that means customers don’t need someone on the support team to assist with common issues as a software update or resolving common application issues. These are resources with bandwidth to focus ontransformation rather than dissipate energy on BAU operations.”

Over these years, CMS IT has created a benchmark while spearheading its illustrious journey with its ability and capability to deliver complex IT projects witha zing of personalization through its cost-effective services to its clientele for a souped-up customer experience.

Expansion Binge

Encompassing a PAN India presence and strong roots in the market, CMS IT has built up clientele by providing delightful service to its customers. Mr. Mehrotra mentions, “Our customers are in a very dynamic and fast changing environment and there are constant threats to their existing business models. They need to be agile and disruptive in their business. Our challenge is how we partner with our customers to help and support with innovative IT solutions to help them navigate these disruptive trends. The only way we will be successful is if we have deep customer engagements to understand their requirements and are able to offer innovative IT solutions leveraging latest technology.”

CEO’s Periscope

In talks with Mr Anurag Mehrotra 

The future: What’s next for CMS IT and how well equipped are you?

Organizations are challenged by highly informed and demanding customers, to leverage automation opportunities geared up to optimize their cost structures and increase speed. The differentiated approach that CMS IT brings to table for Managed IT Services is innovation, personalization and automation of up to 80%tasks in two years, keeping the changes of the infrastructure at the minimal levels.

Being customer-centric, our aim is to be a transformational player in delivering Premium Managed Services to Indian customers through Automation, Expert Resources, Quality Processes and Governance. CMS IT’s vast technical pool of close to 7000 resources, L2/L3 Experts and state of the art Remote Infrastructure Management services (Service Desk, NoC, SoC and MoC) fosters efficient, effective and enhanced managed services to its clients.

As the IT Infrastructure is rapidly increasing for the success of business goals, it becomes imperative to establish synergy between the client business requirements and IT Infrastructure capabilities.  Therefore, we believe in 3D approach of Design, Deliver and Deploy tailor made, Robust, Secure and cost-effective Technology Solutions that ensure Scalability, Speed and Security enhancements and at the same time provide significant Spend reductions from the Capex/Opex Budgets for our Clients.  We have built templatized frameworks, processes and talented pool of Subject Matter Experts and Enterprise Architects who specialize in understanding Customer Business needs, design heterogenous Technology Solutions for Data Center as well as distributed Environment needs as part of our System Integration Services.   We provide end to end IT life cycle services that not only includes design, deliver and deploy IT infrastructure, but also to Support them, manage them and to migrate them as and when needed. We have executed significant DC migration projects across the country and are managing many running live DCs with stringent SLAs and critical applications running in them.   Leveraging on the above capabilities we have built, we also help Customers adopt Technology effectively by providing Technology Adoption Services with Consultative approach by auditing, assessing various critical IT Infrastructure elements like Network, End Point Compliance, Database, Storage, Server etc. and giving relevant recommendations for improvements. We also help in building future technologies roadmap like Cloud adoption, SDWAN etc.

How has been your journey as a leader?

“As a leader, the biggest challenge has been to execute at the ground to meet the long-term goals. Vision without short-term goals is meaningless and vice-versa, both need to go hand-in-hand. With so much disruption and paradigm shifts, navigating these choppy waters has been challenging and exciting at the same time. One has to not only navigate but stay on course by building conviction in the entire ecosystem of customers, employees and partners.”

A piece of advice for the young entrepreneurs…

“Ability to unlearn and relearn is very important than just the ability to learn!


Listen to your customers. Ultimately customer relationships hold the key to success; in any environment and in any context!”

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