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About usThe CEO Magazine:

About Us:

The CEO Magazine, an ISO 9001:2015 certified media firm, is India`s most admired monthly magazine published from New Delhi, India. It is the excellent medium that allows the top level executives to share their experiences, challenges they faced and case studies. That creates the extraordinary benefits to the Startups community and vibrant entrepreneurs to analyze the IT trends; learning’s to organize and gives the better understanding in achieving their business objectives effectively.

We believe in giving the real and inspirational case studies with proper guidance to Mid Size Companies, Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Our Logo: Our Logo conveys the clear message before even reading the full concept.

The CEO Magazine Logo In Our logo, we have re-defined the word CEO, wherein C stands for Create, E Stands for Execute and O stands for Organize.

Our logo presents our entire concept, it comprises a line- A Magazine for Business Leaders & Decision Makers…
The CEO Magazine supports business leaders and decision makers to share their story with people and benefits from the experience of other companies and their leaders. Company heads presents their success story and how they-in the contemporary business world and create their brands. The CEO Magazine takes their story in front of the right eyes at the right time. On way to do that it by ensuring their stories stand out on social. Besides The CEO Magazine publishes regular high-quality articles, discussing emerging trends growth opportunities, business strategy, analysis, expert opinion, corporate case studies, leadership, and challenges providing them a more in-depth look at trending business issues.

Each and every issue of The CEO Magazine will be dedicated to the specific Technology and the Segment of IT Industry. Presently we are working on the 12 Segments such as: IT Services Companies, IT Products Companies, Cloud Computing, ERP, Mobility, TeleCommunications, Security, Big Data, Software, Company of the Year, Hot Startups and Product of the Year.

We do have our two Special Issues; Entrepreneurs Handbook and Business Leaders.

To get more information on our editorial calendar or securing an exclusive interview with you and your company please send us the email to editorial@theceo.in

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