Kanath Engineering, Delivering Expertise in Manufacturing and Exporting Of State-Of-The-Art precision-designed Special Purpose Machines

“Quality, efficiency, customer service are the main pillars our company is built on,”

proudly asserted Mulkrajan K.V., Director, Kanath Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Kanath Engineering is a brand recognized for manufacturing and exporting of state-of-the-art, precision-designed special purpose machines for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries. With almost four decades of history, the 1981 established Kanath Engineering holds ‘Brand of The Year’ status in their industry for their contributions that expanded into plastic industry in 2003 with plastic injection moulding machines. 

Back in 1981, Kanath Engineering prevailed numerous challenges and even failures and continued to find its path upward in the graph, slowly and steadily. They invested in newer technologies and software, optimized the production, and associated with better vendors.

Today, capitalizing the technical expertise in processing machinery to offer end to end solutions and services to their esteemed clients, under the supervision of the founder and Managing Director, Prakash Kanath, Pratik P. Kanath, Director, and Mulkrajan K. V., Director, the brand has been steering its way to success today.

Growing up stronger since establishment, Kanath Engineering constantly worked on optimizing the machines and built a brand that is now equipped with a strong team executing designing, operations and after-sales service completely focused on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. They also compiled with extensively changing and impactful technology to ensure they play the role of drivers and not passengers.

Consumer psychology has at the same time evolved from a simpler mindset to a ‘Most value for the Price’ attitude which is considered by the team at Kanath Engineering, while designing the solutions. Having mentioned that, The CEO Magazine, in a candid conversation with Mulkrajan K. V., Director, Kanath Engineering, shared aspects of the journey and how Kanath Engineering gained its unparallel status over the years.

TCM: Who is your target audience? Why do you think they would choose you over competitors?

Mulkrajan: We have a history of helping organizations that appreciate high standards in build quality and an effortless operational experience of the products we offer. Simply put, the machines speak for themselves. But at the same time, the relationships we have developed and maintained in times of collaborative problem-solving is what has helped us stand out among our peers. It has to be difficult to beat a considerate and thoughtful personalized consultation. 

TCM: How do you ensure a smooth infusion of technology in your nature of work?

Mulkrajan: Through an awareness in the innovations taking place in the plastic injection moulding & processing equipment space globally, we have evolved our manufacturing standards to always be a few steps ahead of the curve. We trust our expert team of engineers that stay up-to-date and consistently introduce best practices that improve machine quality, reduce turnaround time, minimize labour as well as the operational and maintenance costs.

TCM: What are the key learnings you have derived from handling the COVID-19 pandemic scenario?

Mulkrajan: Disrupting the flow of business globally, COVID-19 pandemic has offered many lessons one can take away from 2020, the year it has mostly impacted. These learnings that can be stressed on are focus on reinforcing our foundation in times of uncertainty, all organizations can be people-centric and more empathetic, and fortune still favours the brave and more so, the self-motivated

TCM: What motivates you and your team for the future?

Mulkrajan: While many would agree that the present times may not appear to inject much positivity in the near future, we, on the other hand, have learnt to believe in quite the opposite. The world has never provided more room for an opportunity to improve. It is not a zero-sum game and more problems only demand more thought and even better solutions. Through working together towards common goals, we can power through.

TCM: What were the questions you ask yourself after each breakthrough?

Mulkrajan: The three key questions, which I brainstorm through, as a decision maker after every breakthrough are, “Will this successfully solve an existing high-priority problem that is proving to be a bottleneck for the end user?”, “How can we implement new ideas in the most seamless manner without hindering day-to-day operations?”, and “Are there more ways to add additional value in the new solution so as to make us the obvious choice for the task?”.

TCM: What goal(s) do you have for the company in the upcoming years?

Mulkrajan: At Kanath Engineering, our aim is to strive to be the world’s most trusted company in the years to come without a shadow of doubt. Many may be unfamiliar with our track record of excellent engineering products at the moment, but we are working to change that. We want to see our organization grow into one that is known to offer nothing but the best-in-class equipment and services.

TCM: Which achievements are you most proud of today?

Mulkrajan: Our happy customers, enthusiastic team, along with the support of our suppliers and vendors are a milestone reached which makes us absolutely proud. Every day at our fully-equipped plant of over 85,000 cubic feet at the TTC Industrial Area, we see our family grow in a positive direction. We are grateful to have surrounded ourselves with enthusiastic personnel that work towards absolute perfection in design and execution. Meanwhile, helping clients from not only the entire country but also overseas, brings us joy, as we represent our nation’s industrial sector in the international market.

TCM: What are the key strategies you are adopting to maintain the connection with the target audience today?

Mulkrajan: Modern times demand modern solutions i.e. digital solutions and no one is immune to the changes in the avenues for business development. As communication channels and outreach methods evolve, we too constantly innovate using online platforms to showcase not only our innovative range of products, but also the positive feedback we have received. They are the two key reasons that have helped us build a reputation and impressive longevity in the manufacturing space.

TCM: How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

Mulkrajan: It is the competitive nature of the business itself, that drives us to stay motivated and ensure that we consistently level up, to remain relevant in the market. If success was easy, everyone would achieve it. But it is our disciplined approach to success that allowed us to reach the status today. 

We try and remain focused on our goals, one step at a time while being careful that we maintain the mental, physical and financial health of all involved. Having said that, I would like to give credit to our success as a company to our team, our vendors and suppliers, and our clients. We believe each person associated with us has contributed in some way or the other to the success of our company.

TCM: What advice would you like to share with other entrepreneurs?

Mulkrajan: My advice for the readers would be inclusive of three aspects. First, education, a curious and always-learning mindset is vital in business and in life. All information is not equal though, so learn how to learn first.

Second, ethics, as at the end of the day, people remember how you treat other people more than what you create. Never compromise your morality. And third, humility, it is well known how power corrupts and success changes relationships. Keep a check on your humanity. Times change so stay humble.

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