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N. Naresh Kumar, who today leads Amma Infotech in roles of Founder & CEO, incepted the journey with his brainchild brand as a thought which blossomed in 2011 and came into existence in 2012. Eight years ago, Amma Infotech became a reality and was given a new shape with a newly furnished office inaugurated by Mr Naveen Lakkur.

While N. Naresh Kumar is a passionate visionary committed to Amma Infotech, the brand is evident of how consistency can be stepping stones for progressively rising towards success. Today, The CEO Magazine recognizes Amma Infotech in their Brand of The Year 2020 issue. But, their initial years in the ITES industry were difficult. In 2016, another chapter unfolded for visionaries as they became a service provider for Fincare Small Finance Bank.

The continued hustle and efforts deployed by the N. Naresh Kumar paid off as Amma Infotech successfully continued to offer digitalization services supporting virtual reality, augmented reality, voice assistance, artificial intelligence, machine learning activities like facial recognition, optical character recognition, voice controls, action identifications, and many latest technologies.

A venture rooting from humble beginnings became a name with a huge success. Amma Infotech acquired 300+ clients around the globe like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Pactera Edge & Counting, etc. In a candid interview with The CEO Magazine, N. Naresh Kumar shared the success story and his insights as a successful entrepreneur.

TCM: Enlighten us about yourself? How did you cope with the challenges in its fetal stage?

N. Naresh Kumar: I am a man from humble beginnings. Belonging from a small family, where my father was a transport agent and my mother was a government ANM (Nurse) naturally, it was very tough for a boy from an upper-middle-class family to think about establishing a company. 

In contrast to the theory of ‘ups and downs’, I majorly faced downs and downfalls in my life for almost six years in the industry.

After my company’s establishment in 2012, we faced a period for a few months where we had huge accumulated losses in the business. Back then, many of my fellow friends, relatives, known, unknown people suggested me to withdraw my plans of floating this company again.

These free suggestions were not the best thing that happened to me at that time but I never gave up on this company. For 6 years, I floated my company and the perseverance and sacrifice brought several things to me.

TCM: How has the brand aligned with the fast-paced industry and technology infusion? Who is your target clientele?

N. Naresh Kumar: The core values of quick learning, immediate implementation and uncompromising nature towards quality made Amma Infotech, a brand to align for current trends & technologies. Technology is remarkably changing and since we are a part of technological development activities, we are accustomed to adapting the latest technologies into our workings, which makes our daily reporting to deliveries on time.  

It is said that success is achieved by those you are determined. We ensure that we are continuously growing to support our client portfolio which is inclusive of the most striving technological companies aimed to create new space & life standards. Our QCD (Quality – Commitment – Dedication) is a factor that makes us unrivalled in the ecosystem and truly acts as an attractive force that leads them to choose us over competitors.

TCM: What has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic scenario? What motivates you and your team for the future?

N. Naresh Kumar: Work from home is a key term which was added in our lives in 2020. It majorly affected the ways of conducting business in 2020 while the new normal of COVID-19 has added details of masks on our faces, sanitizers & gloves on our hands. Everything & everyone inspires me, especially my mother Mangamma, & my uncle Ramesh. They have bestowed upon me important life lessons regarding managing life physically & mentally. Now I hope I can handle every situation from outburst one to a joyous event in a balanced way.

The Amma Infotech team inclusive of B Kokila Chief Operation Officer (COO), M Gandhimadhi, Chief Translation Officer (CTM), M Selvi, Chief Transcription Officer (CTRM), N Sravani, Chief Project Manager (CPM), D. Rupadevi, Chief Project Manager (CPM), and C. Kokila, Chief Project Manager (CPM). In this scenario, I motivate my team by arranging continuous meetings.

TCM: Which achievements are you most proud of today? What goal(s) do you have for the company in the upcoming years?

N. Naresh Kumar: Achievements of Amma Infotech, I am proud of today to have to be launching of a new brand N K Localizations. Personally, the proud moments I cherish in my life include being recognised by Honorary Board Of Studies Member for PVKN Autonomous College which became a special proud moment when I became a BOS member for the same college which I had completed my studies, Honorary Board Of Studies Member for S V University, and Honorary Board Of Studies Member for Nagarjuna University.

Now, we are into localization services, which had a global market of 128 billion dollars. We aim to achieve the goal of 10% captivity in the same market value. 

TCM: What are the key strategies you are adopting to maintain the connection with the target audience today? How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

N. Naresh Kumar: We stick with our key mantra of QCD i.e quality, commitment, and dedication. Along with this, we follow our strategy of valuing all our clients with equal respect and deliver them with the same response irrespective of them being a single penny client to million-dollar client.

I believe, the key to staying motivated is to recognise the fact that there will be times when some people will poke you, push you into a dark place, and eventually ask you to leave the work you are most passionate about, but we should not leave it & especially we AI-NKL never done this.

One should be strong-willed and focused about not leaving their work despite the circumstances and not let the other forces win, declare you a looser, & leave you. So, we should aim at remaining relevant by looking at things from a different perspective and concentrate on the working rather than anyone or anything else. 

TCM: Whom do you credit to the success of your company? What advice would you like to share with other entrepreneurs?

N. Naresh Kumar: My family comes foremost the list of people I would like to offer the credit of my company’s success. My mother A Mangamma, my father N Nagarajan, my brother N Kalyan Chakravarthy, my sister in law V Niharika, my uncle Kolakaluri Ramesh, Chief Operation Officer (COO) B Kokila, and everyone who stood beside me in all terms & situations. The actual credit goes everyone who supported me.

There is not any particular advice but I will share one thought that holds significant value. Be a transparent glass in your successful times & be a magnifying glass in your tough times. Finally, perseverance, perseverance, and only perseverance make you succeed at all points in times.

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