Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

The logistics industry is considered as the backbone of any economy. It is the point for supplies of all goods and services. In India, the present supply chain is not organized properly. However, the government and private companies are in full swing to ameliorate the situation.

Major companies are operating for the integration of modern technology and playing a key role in economic growth. These logistics firms bring uninterrupted service, despite facing problematic situations like worse road network, slow Internet connectivity, weather problems, provision of innumerable laws and taxes etc.

  1. All Cargo Logistics: Assortment of Multi-Modal Services

Incorporation year: 1993

Headquarter: Mumbai, India

All Cargo Logistics is top level logistics firm, offering a wide assortment of multi-modal transport services coastal shipping, supply chain management, contract logistics, project engineering solutions, Inland container depot etc. It is the largest integrated logistics company in the country. All Cargo has employed more than 8000 people worldwide. It has a wide network of 200 offices in 90 countries and is operating the Pan India service with latest and modernized technology.


It provides unique features differently in every sense of logistic services.

  1. Global Express Logistics: High-stake Sweeper

Incorporation year: 1974

Headquarter: Mumbai, India

Global Express Logistics is one of the best supply chain service providers. It has been operating for more than four decades. The association has emerged as a high-stake sweeper in the list of top 10 logistics companies of India. It offers highly effective international logistics solutions, competitive freight rates, and robust information technology as well as outsourced process efficiency. Its chain of services includes Supply Chain Consulting, Warehouse & Consolidation, Project and Heavy Cargo Services, Ocean Freight, and more.


It has excellent service portfolio comprising all range of logistics and supply solution. 

  1. First Flight: Top-notch Logistics and Best Courier Partner

Incorporation year:  November 1986

Headquarter: Mumbai, India

First Flight counters top-notch logistics company and has been in the market from the last 30 years. It is acclaimed for providing hassle-free and tireless courier service across the world with instant and swift process. First Flight is one of the reputed courier service providers running successfully for over the past years. Nowadays, it has over 100 offices across India and also 9 international offices at major locations of India. Also, First Flight is the courier partner with one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the country.


Gati is mainly recognized for its speedily and timely delivery of goods. 

  1. FedEx: Global Leader in Logistics

Incorporation year: 1973

Headquarter: Tennessee, United States

FedEx is the largest express transportation company on a universal level having the operation in more than 200 countries. It is America based company and considered as the global leader of the supply chain that enhances people’s lives with its user-friendly service and on-time delivery. This is introducing the reliable shipment in the different part of the world and performing to modernize the supply system. In addition to, the company is focused on providing environment-friendly transportation solutions while supporting to make the road safer for children.


FedEx is well-known for its unmatchable expertise in technology. 

  1. Gati: Proficient and Promising Logistic Company

Incorporation year:  1989

Headquarter: Hyderabad, India

Gati is one of the most promising logistics corporations in the country. It has proficiency in supply chain and expresses distribution. Furthermore, it takes along airfreight, sea cargo, rail carriage of freight, and warehousing facilities. The association has almost 600 centers worldwide and poised to be the largest logistics service, provider. Presently, 6000 employees are in gear under the umbrella of the company. Gati has set a goal to deliver one million packages every day with zero damage and delays by 2020.


The multimodal network of air, road, and rail supports it to serve to customize service across industries. 

  1. Agarwal Movers and Packers: An ISO Certified Shifting Specialist

Incorporation year: 1987

Headquarter: New Delhi, India

Agarwal Movers and Packers is serving the logistics industry incredibly with years of experience. The corporation has total 102 branches serving 1264 locations. With 30 years of experience, it has done 18 lakh siftings till date. It has expertise in transportation with a specialty in moving household items.

The company is ISO certified and operating with the focal point to utilize the latest technology to reduce operational costs. It is also the member of International Associations of Movers (IAM) in the USA.


Presently, Agarwal Movers and Packers is the most used logistics company in India by customer value. 

  1. DTDC: Improvising the Supply Chain System

Incorporation year: 1990

Headquarter: Bengaluru, India

DTDC was initiated by Mr. Subhashish Chakeborty to improvise the supply chain system of the country. Present-day, it is considered one of the most leading logistics service providers in India, offering logistics solutions, inclusive of incoming and outbound cargo and freight.  The company is an expert in handling courier services efficiently with advanced technology and techniques to fulfil the demand of every customer. In 2016, DTDC was awarded the ‘National Award for Exemplary Position’ under the category of the express courier.


With its optimum quality service, DTDC assures for 100% customer satisfaction all across the globe.  

  1. TNT Express: Expert of Heavy Machinery and Gas Shipment

Incorporation year:

Headquarter: Bengaluru, India

TNT Express does 1 million deliveries on a daily basis across the world. It is an eminent logistics company in India with a global presence. TNT has its mobile application that enables people to track the status of their shipment anytime, anywhere. This app contains numerous features and provides information about timing, cost and more. The corporation is an expert in delivering heavy machinery, medical supplies, legal documents etc. They are specialized in gas shipment as well.


The company introduced an application for instant checking and information. 

  1. Blue Dart: Introducing New Innovations

Incorporation year:  1983

Headquarter: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Blue Dart is one of the outstanding brands in the logistics, carrying numerous shipping and transport solutions to corporate and individual clients. It is the first service provider in India that offered International Air package service. The entire process at the company is backed by advanced technology. It is actively involved in introducing new innovations into the system. The company was established in 1983 with head office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


The corporation has created trust and faith among people with its eminence service.

  1. Indian Railway: Superior Solution with Excellent Connectivity

Incorporation year: 1969

Headquarter: Mumbai, India

IRCTC ranks top in the list of preeminent logistics companies of India. Its offerings comprise Express Delivery, International Delivery, e-commerce logistics, warehousing, and distribution. Besides, the organization offers a supply system for sea cargo containers. It is an immense network of 8000 pins that has excellent connectivity in all the parts of India from a small city to a big state. India has more than 250,000 employees in the entire country. It aims to be the leading logistics company of the world not just in terms of global presence but to initiate a superior solution.


Today, it has the largest network of warehouse and yards across the country.

The scape of these top 10 logistics companies in India is fantastic thanks to the continuous dedication of corporations and technological development.

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