Exacore IT Solutions Private Limited, Trusted Technology Partners Steering Client’s Digital Transformation from Conceptualisation to Implementation


Exacore IT Solutions Private Limited, Trusted Technology Partners Steering Client’s Digital Transformation from Conceptualisation to Implementation

In this digitalised world, managing operations via the traditional chain of the process are synonymous to holding the brand back. Thus, the new and trendy software like ERP and CRM are an inevitable need of the hour. Making technology-related decisions is not always an easy task especially while belonging to a non-IT background. In such a scenario, exploring different solutions, and taking a long and costly endeavour at hand is not a preferred choice by many brands. Acknowledging the same, Exacore IT’s foundation was laid in 2018 by Shainesh Prakashan, CEO and Founder of the brand delivering niche ERP consulting and IT solutions.

With the legacy of implementing ERP, the leading solution providers aid the growth of their clients with their dedicated technology and domain teams offering efficient solutions that uplift the client’s operations and overcome their complex business challenges on budget and time. This one of its kind brand, Exacore IT has been crafting success stories for their clients via technology-powered solutions in vast business verticals. Being an entrepreneur and CEO, Shainesh amplifies the solutions offered by the brand through his wisdom of 20 years in the industry-backed with specialization in strategy, planning, business operations, consulting, change management, business improvement, governance, workforce management, business management, process improvement, operations excellence, business planning, P&L management, customer experience advocacy and developing people leadership.

From The CEO’s Desk

“CRM is a critical function in the Digital transformation for the B2B business and B2C business in all the industries. Today, we are witnessing a growing trend of digital marketing in the construction industry, hospitals, and food industry. CRM coupled with social media marketing holds the potential to improve the pipelines of the sales drastically. All the opportunities created with repeated marketing activates the pipeline and the complete funnel when managed through the CRM application causes the sales and revenue figures to increase.” shared the leader with hands-on experience in ERP consulting and 30+ projects implementation.

He further added, “Backed with our well-researched team that focuses on the core values of Exacore IT, emphasises on honesty with the customer in all levels, and regularly connected customer engagement teams sharing wisdom on the latest digital trends in the market, Exacore IT has successfully played the role of trusted technology partner under the dynamic and guided leadership by the seasoned leaders. We sell value-related benefits in monetary terms guiding our clients to get ready for the investment while creating trust and integrity with the customer.”

Exacore IT Solutions

Focused majorly on the ERP software solutions implementing Oracle EBS solutions, Oracle Fusion solutions and Netsuite implementation, the Exacore Team has built a reputation of a trusted brand offering niche solutions like Value Chain Planning (VCP) and value chain execution in Oracle. In this digitalised world, offering the trendy solutions are the Exacore IT’s robust Digital marketing team sharing areas of expertise like web development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and a strong infrastructure team which undertakes cloud migrations, middleware integration and on-premise application and database management.

Supporting The Digital Transformation

While ERP and CRM as software hold an evident value, Exacore IT team usually face the challenge of Improper Product Budgeting. Offering transparency in solutions, they ensure to avoid projects that have a budget constraint. Moreover a strong domain team specialist in business vertical connects to the customer’s top management to educate and ensure that the organization is well prepared to understand that digitalisation brings measurable benefits. For various other challenges from the clients, a strong technical team is always available to exercise their capability of removing the rough edge of ERP implementation through small personalization and customization specific to the customer needs.

Motivating The Exacore Employees

The Exacore IT team of professionals accompanied with the passion and flair to deliver quality solutions and build trusted brands acts as a backbone to the company’s position in the industry. Over the years, the organisation has grown with clearly set goals and objectives to keep clear communication with the team, ensuring teams have like-minded leaders who are good listeners to each other’s ideas. Recognising the team with monthly awards, believing and showing trust in the employee’s actions to empower decision making, indulging in team-building activities, and leading with examples are some of the core initiatives by the leadership team of Shainesh Prakashan, Priya Shainesh, Gajendra Verma, Prajeesh N. P., Mahesh Kondakath, Abhijit Saha, and Elizabeth Joy to empower the employees and the brand.

Giving Back To Society

“We are working closely with Paryavaran Sanrakshan Evam Adiwasi Vikas Kendra Located in Jabalpur. Climate change is bringing disaster and this is the time of action. Instead of talking about it we have a concrete plan of action to start the program now and help the Aadiwasi to improve their standard of living and make them the agents of change to prevent climate change.” proudly shared Shainesh

Insight Into The Future

Soon after the inception, Excaore IT team kick-started delivering solutions as they started receiving international orders and projects. From executing a pharmaceutical manufacturing project in Saudi Arabia and a chemical manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia to completing the ERP implementation of a Big Hospital, the trained Exacore team executed various projects backed with the collaborative spirit of teamwork and training.

In 2019, they divided the product implementation teams to ensure the tighter grip of the solutions in a closed team to build the team coordination and efficient response to the customer. With the expansion plans in the pipeline, the team is set to double as the financial figures for the reputed brand in 2020.

“In our journey till now, we have achieved a significantly paced growth which we plan to continue as we deliver to our prestigious clientele in India and Abroad. With plans to venture to South East and the Middle East for the next two years and capitalize the market in the pipeline followed by plans to venture in Europe, we are excited and equipped with an efficient team which is also growing and enhancing the client’s operations.” shared Shainesh Prakashan


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