Sookshm aspires to make significant contribution to the Indian Economy


One-stop Business Solutions for SMEs,

Sookshm aspires to make significant contribution to the Indian Economy 

The contribution of Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) is indispensable in the development of Indian economy. This sector has gradually become pivotal to the nation’s economic growth with a contribution of nearly 45 percent of the country’s industrial output and about 40 percent of aggregated exports and imports. However, there are manifold challenges faced by this industry which obstruct their growth. To name a few, due to the limited vision for the growth of the company, SMEs in India undermine the significance of standardized business process for long-term sustainability. They are reluctant to implement technology based manufacturing strategies and still depend upon trust factor rather than putting more focus on requisite skills.All these factors accompanied with limited access to resources result in their lack of efforts to create a successful brand and tend to push them towards laggardness. Although our government has introduced various loan schemes and multifold improved policies to stimulate the growth prospects in this sector, there are several problems faced by SMEs which can’t be addressed by the efforts of government only. Also, standardized consulting offerings are not sufficient for the growth of this industry as SMEs not only need counseling but also a helping hand for the implementation of the same. Furthermore, this market segment is generally avoided by big consulting firms owing to its unorganized nature and insignificant contribution to the brand value of the firm.

Focusing on diversified business needs of SMEsand to help them achieve operational excellence while driving them to reach a turnover of 1000 Crores, inplanningSookshm, a Management Consulting group started its services in May, 2013.Sookshmcounplanning their business strategy and execution of the same to generate long-term growth prospects.Sookshmurges these organizations to improve functioning of the multiple aspects of their business system while offering unique solutions to enhance productivity, to perfect business operations by identifying dysfunctional aspects of work flow and realign them to fit business goals, to analyze market conditions for further expansion of their products; and to implement latest tools of information technology for lucrative results. To help such organizations become more competent and stand neck and neck with others MNCs, Sookshm sticks to the basic requirements of the organizations and provides on the ground applicable solutions.Sookshm is led by AshwaniKumar, who has a wide experience in helping SMEs growth in Steel & Automotive Component industries using Operational excellence, LEAN & Six Sigma concepts and Vyjayanta Kashyap, an experienced consultant, who has structured Global Business Expansion Strategy and empowered SMEs to spread their roots across the globe. Since its inception in 2013, Sookshm has successfully helped more than thirty business working across different industry verticals to improve their business functions. 

One Stop solution to clients 

Sookshmoffers multitude of support services, aids and unique solutions in nearly all aspects of business functionscovering significant areas such as Operations(Cost Saving, Productivity, Quality control, Business Process Reengineering, Lean & Six-Sigma), Strategy(Corporate strategy, Go to market strategy, Digital Marketing), HR(Performance Management System),Finance and IT tohelp its clients achieve perfection in business systems.Sookshm targets the management of the organization and revolutionizes its entire value chain while making changes to boost its working. On being asked about the ways to handle a business problem, Mr. Ashwani Kumar, an IIT Delhi & IIM Rohtak alumni and an ex BHEL Engineer, says, “We think we only provide one solution to companies i.e. Change management. We revolutionize company’s entire value chain from operations, marketing, HR to Finance and IT. This change initiates from the management and continues to the lowest level of the organizational hierarchy.”

What sets Sookshmapart? / Success mantra for Sookshm

Sookshm is not the only one offering its services to aid SMEs but their unique mission and exclusivity in working methods make clients give them an upper hand over others. Sookshm is driven by its mission to assist its clients in establishing themselves as a brand and reaching a turnover of 1000 Crores. The team leaves no stone unturned to ensure success to its clients. While speaking to the CEO Magazine, the founder & director of Sookshm,Mr.VyjayantaKashyap, an ex Corporate Strategy Manager at the Tata Group and an alumni from the Harvard Business School initiative Asian Institute of Management Manila, said, “We see ourselves as a stakeholder in our client’s business. In addition to making recommendations, our team shows undocked cooperationto our clients in the implementation of the solutions. Ouryoung & talented team givesus the energy and passion to keepour commitment to our clients.We love to be associated with our clients for long term and hold their hands in implementing strategies to achieve sustainable growth.”There are several instances where clients, satisfied with Sookshm’s services, recommend Sookshm to other companies as well whichresults in building a successful customer base for Sookshm.“We believe that if we remain sincere to our promises and offerings, this market has enough potential to help us grow and achieve our goal and vision.” Speaking about how Sookshm is different from other startups, he replied “Unlike many other startups we are a self-sustainable group and were already profitable within a year of our inception.”

“The journey of Entrepreneurship is about making your own path. You must love facing challenges and risk involved in each step. If you aim for the goal with set of right values, every decision is right. Passion, Persistence and Perseverance are the keys to success and as long as you can stick to these basics, your journey as an entrepreneur would be an amazing experience”, says Sookshm.


Sookshm follows an organic model for their business and believes in growing from within. For such startups, acquiring clients proves to be a big challenge.Sookshm started with small projects initially and then took gradual steps up. The Company first offered preliminary services such as Implementation of MIS (Management Information System) which helped its clients in getting right information in right time and enabled them to make faster decisions. Completing all these projects successfully by the end of first year was a milestone for them. Moving ahead, they secured large projects froma number of growing SMEsconcerned with Steel related products, textiles, auto ancillary, rubber & plastic, food products & processing and industrial product manufacturing. With remarkable efforts, Sookshm has acted as a pillar of growth for more than 30 clients in Delhi/NCR region.

Roadmap and the future Plans

With the dream of becoming India’s leading advisory in business consulting dedicated to SME sector, the group has expanded its operations in Mumbai-Pune industrial area which is one of the major industrial belts in India. Also, Sookshm is gearing up for the launch of a new product, Company Healthiness Index in the market which would help the companies to determine their progress path to reach turnover of 1000 crores. This product will definitely serve as a boon to the growth of Small scale industries in India. It has to be noted that Mr. Ashwani Kumar takes the credit of raising turnover of one of their clients by 100 crores within 10 months. In his leadership, Sookshm is constantly endeavoring to create solutions that would empower SMEs to raise a huge turnover and grow their business. Speaking about what defines success for Sookshm, Mr. Ashwani Kumar says, “Success for Sookshm will be to serve at least 1000 companiesover next 5 years.”

SMEsare the backbone and driving engine of Indian Economy. As Indian market is growing rapidly, the development of this sectoris now being mainstreamed into the national development framework. It is now exposed to greater opportunities than ever for expansion and diversification. Indian government’s constant initiatives to boost this industry and the emergence of dedicated SME consulting services like Sookshmwhich offers one stop customizable solutions to fit business needs conjointly ensure a promising future of this industry in India.


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