Ineda Systems is optimizing power consumption and enabling Automotive and IoT Revolution globally with its Semi- Conductor and Software expertise


Ineda Systems is optimizing power consumption and enabling Automotive and IoT Revolution globally with its Semi- Conductor and Software expertise

With the popularization of electronic devices, more wearable devices, and remote computational capabilities, the paradigm of concern shifted from innovation, reliability, and performance towards reducing power and energy consumption. The issue of power consumption has been put on center among the semiconductor industry thus making a call to develop new methods and new tools to confront the challenges and provide honest solutions. As a result, low power has itself become a conjoined segment of the industry instituting the sprouting of companies that are bringing new design methodologies with their focus specifically on power distribution and consumption. Among the havoc of power consumption, Ineda Systems is designing a niche for itself by enabling Automotive and IoT revolution with elastic performance/power,trusted security and smart sensing for worldwide consumers of the semiconductor industry.

The advent: Towards a futuristic approach

Incorporated in 2010, Ineda Systems is a Silicon and platform solution provider in the area of Automotive and IoT applications. Ineda contributes to enabling low-power System-on-Chip built on a powerful new architectural platform called Hierarchical Computing Architecture that offers the industry-leading power/performance elasticity for the emerging workloads in IoT and Automotive applications.  Ineda’s idea was brewed by Balaji Kanigicherla to pursue hierarchical computing Architecture for the emerging low-power small form factor consumer devices. Ineda addresses the need by delivering solitary SoC(System on a Chip) integrated circuits and software catering for both IoT and Automotive applications. Hailing excellence from its business office in Santa Clara, US and R&D centres in Hyderabad and Pune, India.  Ineda stands as a solitary Indian organization pioneered for delivering innovation and expertise via SoCs with industry leading power-performance efficiency, Solution ready SDK (Software Development Kit) and customization of Silicon for large OEM’s.  It’s the expertise of Ineda that the company is a top pick among the leading players from IoT and Automotive domain in US & India by offering Innovative and Highly Differentiating Solutions.

The Team

Ineda’s skilled team numbers 130 people mastering their professional qualities in a strong working culture embedded around innovation, risk-taking, teamwork, customer focus and result orientation. The continuous evolution of Innovation in its offering is reflected in the working of the organization.

Technology Portfolio

The innovative technology library of Ineda Systems covers:

  • Hierarchical Computing architecture

Ineda’s SoCs are built on a powerful new architecture called Hierarchical computing architecture (HCA) that is aimed at improving the power consumption by an order of magnitude while allowing the devices to be in the always-on condition to achieve contextual computing.

  • Security

Ineda Architecture supports various levels of security; the root of trust, secure keys, secure firmware, and application upgrade, secure debug, secure peripherals, secure storage, secure HID, configurable security policies/ACLs, communication/network security etc. Ineda offers easy to use security software with all the required tools, utilities, and simple APIs to reduce the time to market for the end product.

  • I/O Virtualization Technology

Ineda’s I/O Virtualization technology enables seamless sharing of peripherals such as Display, SD, NAND, Audio, Camera and Wired/Wireless interfaces, among the two or more heterogeneous CPU and OS.

  • Power Management

Ineda’s SoCs are designed for power-sensitive IoT and Automotive applications. There are various design techniques implemented in the Ineda’s SoCs that bring the overall power consumption down to 1/10th of typical power consumed by a Big-Medium-Little-Tiny implementation of processor architecture.

  • Always-On-Sensing

Ineda’s family of SoCs delivers one of the industry’s lowest power solutions for always-on sensing. It uses a patented IP, called Policy Manager/Task Processing Unit to sense and monitor data continuously from a variety of sensors while keeping the main CPU in deep sleep state.

  • Multi-Processor Communication

Ineda’s family of SoCs provides a secure and highly efficient inter-processor communication infrastructure using CPU Link services.

The leadership team led the development of complex low-power SoC’s ( System on a chip) in large MNCs which gave them belief and passion to pursue an Innovative semiconductor product company out of India, Ineda Systems as a genuine one-stop shop addressing all customers’ needs for specific requests.


Working on its vision to build innovative silicon and system/software solutions in the area of Automotive ADAS/IoT, Ineda got recognized as the Most Valuable Company, 2016 by a leading business magazine and has been rewarded with many prestigious awards including 2014 GSA  start up to watch Award, Top 60 Hot Startups, Top 100 Startups in 2013, Top 50 Startups in 2015 by leading organizations and magazines.

From Founder’s Desk

“Raising capital as an Indian R&D company in this space is the key challenge for any entrepreneur. Most of the funding in this space is out of US and hence more buy-in is required for an organization with full R&D based out of India. The key competitors in this space are all large blue-chip companies out of US and winning Top tier OEM customers against this competition is a challenge in itself. But one should strive hard to pursue his dreams no matter how difficult the path is”

Balaji  Kanigicherla

Founder & CEO

Prior to his role as a CEO, Balaji held different roles including  CTO & head of engineering to lead the development of foundation IO-V technology and industry first hierarchical computing architecture, Served as program executive for AMD’s low power fusion SoC & leading a 500+ member R&D organization, Also served at Conexant Systems as a Senior Director managing their Set-Top-Box and Imaging/PC Media silicon engineering teams and worked in technical/management roles at Silicon Valley startups Ikanos&Velio and was a key member of their industry’s  first networking/communication products. Earlier in his career, he was associated with Intel towards their x86 CPU and mobile chip-set engineering product development. He has filed for 20+ patents till date and played the role of a technical advisor for few Silicon Valley startups. He holds Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Future Ahead

Being in a fast-paced technology industry, one needs to be very nimble and adapt to continuously evolving technology. This mindset should start from the top and go down to all the levels within the organization. Currently Inedais innovating on ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance Systems) and Automotive/IoT Safety and Security; the patented technologies of the organization. Ineda successfully completed its first-generation products, took them over to production and got multiple designs wins with top-tier customers. The company is now in its second-generation product R&D and also co-working closely with its customers for the next generation Architectures.

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