A Techno firm integrating technology into Rural Education by Empowering Educators: SIPSS GLOBAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED


A Techno firm integrating technology into Rural Education by Empowering Educators: SIPSS GLOBAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

Innovation and technology go hand in hand to cultivate human scope and steer change in this universe. To cater innovation and drive expertise with crisp technology a seasoned IT persona, C K Sreegith opened doors of a new vision for transiting best in class technology products and services with an invincible and indispensable approach in 2014. SIPSS GLOBAL INDIA PVT. LTD. is a leading Global Information Technology Infrastructure Integration Company committed to “create an enterprise of tomorrow by integrating values” Comprehensive set of IT infrastructure solutions & 100% owned solitary service delivery models, coupled with a wide range of proactive IT Support services to address the dynamic requirements of varied industry verticals, predominantly Education, NGO/NPOs, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, and healthcare. SGIPL’s commitment to delivering excellence has contributed in positioning itself as a continued value added reseller for notable technology providers such as Intel, CP PLUS, DELL, IBM, Sonicwall and much more. Headquartered in Mysore, SGIPL covers the entire gamut of Southern India including Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra, Telangana, and Kerala.

Flagship Offerings

Since its inception, the company has focused towards establishing itself as a niche in Software Service market, has successfully carried out IT Service responsibilities South India’s Largest NGO and furniture manufacturing industries. SGIPL has successfully deployed numerous trailer made CRM / PMS Solutions and automated many production floors and Process management needs.A team of Techno minds with adequate domain experience and certifications, a clearly defined transparent process and deep domain expertise, all cater towards the fruitful growth of the organization. Outlined below are the offerings of SGIPL:

  • Packaged SaaS Solutions such as SIPSNITYA (An ERP for Educational Institutions)- Flagship of SGIPL, SIPSNITYA was born out as a vision to fuel the efficiency improvement drive,  minimize the concerns, and hurdles faced in education system today with a combined involvement of Teachers, Parents, Management & Students – institutional community, in real time. The solution is a full-fledged module which is required by an educational institution as Resource Planning; for student onboarding, administration, academic management, campus intelligence, student lifecycle management, Fees management, Collaboration and communication platform etc, and also equipped with the important alerts via SMS, Automated Voice Calls & Emails. SIPSNITYA packaging many online services for the educational institutions majorly as:
  • An easy maintainable Institutional online presence (Website)
  • Handsome Educational ERP with necessary Analytical Tools
  • Powerful Bulk Alert System – Both SMS & VOICE
  • Online payments & M Receipts
  • Effective Parent communication channel– Portal available to the respective parent even in their regional Languages, Over SMS, VOICE CALL Even over Web based Parent Portal along with English.
  • Customizable notification messages / Customizable portal contents – Need not to depend on any specialists for the same an average school teacher would be able to do.
  • Community oriented delivery & enhancement channel – Online services will get enabled and implemented on the move
  • Software to the institution at no extra cost
  • Handsome service enhancement channel by providing minimum one update in a fortnight frequency.
  • Much more to continue the list – But these are the few points to ensure we stand against the competition, mainly the above services are available to the institution across 3 to 4 different products/ services – which we confidently break with SIPSNITYA – visibly a saving of approx. 60 to 80% Cost reduction on the implementation itself.
  • Tailored SaaS Solutions – Completed 4 Turn Key Project deliveries and Actively Engaged with 5 Projects, For the Process Automation
  • SERVEM (An IT Service Delivery Asset Management System)
  • VR – Virtual Reporting Platform for an easy Management & reporting of Mobile resources, Tasks and collaborative

SIPSS Global offers its valuable services to over 700 Customers including various schools across 3 states and has been engaged with Government & private organizations, name to few such as Vivekananda Educational Institutions, Don Bosco Institutions etc.

What makes SIPSS Global stand impeccable?

SIPSS Global has come a long way and has delivered above hundred clients. SIPSS has achieved several milestones in its journey that has only witnessed success. The growth story of the company has been phenomenal as the company has been able to carve out a market for itself in the past one decade in higher learning space. Here are the key differentiators of SIPSS Global:

  • Cost Effective
  • Unconditional Support and No hidden clauses to the Customers
  • Commit what we deliver and deliver what we commit
  • No user based licensing
  • No complicated technical jargons
  • Targeted Market is Rural Regions to help uplift those regions and empower them with the technology
  • SaaS Delivery and Service Model
  • Automated Service Center Manager for quick and complete delivery assistance
  • Presence of National Delivery Center in Mysore and Managed onsite assistance across 40 Plus Cities in South India.
  • Highly expertise professionals in the Service across the in-house Ticket Management software package.
  • Concentration on packing the multiple services into one to ensure better usability

The brains behind SIPSS Global

Mr. C K Sreegith,


C K Sreegith heads SIPSS Global. This seasoned person is known for exploring purposeful ideas and innovations for benefitting organization on the effective development and deployment of information technology offerings. Before incorporating SIPSS, C K Sreegith engaged himself with Top IT giants in the country and MNCs, Process oriented – People driven leader, managed the SaaS developments and deliveries along with the operations for a career span of over 17 years.

Mr. Surya Kumar H S

Director, Marketing

He is the force behind driving the marketing expansion for SIPSS. Surya possesses more than 2 decades of experience in the marketing domain. He is an IT Professional and currently spearheads marketing strategy for the growth and expansion of SIPSS Global.

Ms. Archana Narayana Bhat

Director Finance & HR

Archana manages the Financial & HR spectrum of SIPSS Global while taking care of Software Deliveries for SaaS Turnkey Projects. She is the superwoman there and hence also takes care of supporting the services for the completed projects along with the responsibility of managing Tailored SaaS Solutionimplementation for the organization.

Mr. Madan Madaiah BB

 Director Marketing

Madan has been driving the Marketing &Sales Operations team with his thought leadership and vision, resulting in quality products and strategy. He is 10 plus years experienced IT Professional who was earlier engaged with TOP MNC and exposed to the international Markets.

Moments, Memories and Milestones

The voyage of SIPSS Global has been phenomenal in carving out a market niche in the past one decade. SIPSS Global’s credentials, awards, and accolades speak for itself. Here is a snapshot of its success stories:

  • Engagement for SaaS Turnkey Project with one of the vast NGO in the region by Aug-14
  • Engagement for SaaS Turnkey Project with South India’s biggest Furniture Manufacturing group in Feb – 15.
  • Launch of Education ERP – SIPSNITYA by Aug -16
  • Project Delivery Excellence Award from Plansee India HPM.
  • Got shortlisted as TOP -25 Most Promising upcoming SaaS provider.
  • Best Service provider for Educational IT Related Service category in Mysore & Kodagu Region of Karnataka

The future path

“The Rural market is one main stream and our major focus is to empower the rural schools and colleges, get them on board with us and ensuring all the Parents and the students are benefited using our solution. Also, our software is not limited to Schools and Colleges but also very open handy welcomed in PG / Engineering / Medical colleges too.  We have also customized the software to accompany BAR (Lawyers) Association. Where one of the biggest BAR association in South India (approximately 4000 + lawyers are under this association) is using our software for their benefit.”Madan Madaiah B B

With a focused global expansion and to place itself further at the pinnacle of IT industry, this association of ‘engineer minds’ is working on a plethora of ideas.  The company wants to expand its reach of SIPSNITYA across all states of the country by 2020. The company has taken the first step of expansion with 3 more packaged SaaS Solutions and address other verticals. SIPSS Global now thrives to involve 3 more packaged solutions which are in R&D stage by 2019 and want to expand further with existing partner / Franchise channel and to ensure the horizontal expansion of SIPSS Global. The company also wants to set up own data centers and help desk in a larger way to serving the customers forever. SIPSS Global is a true technology company obsessed with continued innovation, true to its ideology of interpreting knowledge and powering competency.


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