Dr. Shweta, Shattering The Glass Ceiling with Her 2013 Founded Brand Ennoble IP

“The greatest privilege of leadership is the opportunity to inspire lives.”

– Dr Shweta Singh

A first-generation serial entrepreneur, mentor, wealth manager, advisor, and guide to many tech-based start-ups and SMEs, Dr. Shweta Singh, CEO, Ennoble IP has successfully navigated through her journey from a small town to founding three successful companies Ennoble IP, Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation & CIIR.

Including her recently launched Council of Industrial Innovation & Research, the leader is pacing towards her mission of changing woman entrepreneur’s perception in the industry with her next launch of a techno communication platform only for women. Enjoying the status of rich amalgamation and affluence of corporate and educational expertise with excellence in the field of IPR and start-up ecosystem.

Dr. Shweta holds the wealth of 13 years of corporate experience in the area of intellectual property research, management and business consultancy. The CEO Magazine had a chance to converse with Dr. Shweta to dive deeper into her success story:

The CEO: As a businesswoman, what was your mission at the outset?

Shweta: The seed of entrepreneurship was sowed in my mind since my childhood. However, due to the lack of exposure & awareness, a proper map to reach that goal was missing. During my educational journey, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur kept getting stronger within me.

I started with the mission of bringing about a change in how people looked up to women entrepreneurs and also to create an ecosystem that would help women not being deprived of any opportunities due to lack of knowledge and information.

The CEO: What is the change you are bringing with your brand today?

Shweta: Over the past years, we have always considered our clientele as an extended family working together in harmony towards the betterment of organisations/ institutions as a whole. This is why we believe that Ennoble has gained its position as a top leader when it comes to services related to patent, trademark, design, copyright, commercialization and training.

The CEO: In the journey, did you deal with the challenge of acceptance? If not, what were the other challenges you overcame?

Shweta: Rooting from a small town, there was an immense lack of exposure & opportunities. Moreover, I received several backlashes from the family and society. People said I would never succeed if I selected entrepreneurship as my end goal over a job.

The society had a monotonous thought that women can never become successful entrepreneurs and here I stand before you breaking the stereotypes as a successful woman entrepreneur running her enterprise and empowering women across the globe for over half a decade now.

The CEO: How did you differentiate yourself and your brand from the competition?

Shweta: Our services at Ennoble IP revolve around research & development. Ranging from the Universities, Colleges, Startups, SME’s & MSME’s, we have been encouraging and supporting all of them to indulge and evolve in through research & development.

Along with the direct assistance in maintaining a status of their brand in the market, it indirectly helps them contribute towards the improvement of the country’s global ranking which is considered as a boon at the time of Govt. & private funding. Our services are considered A+ according to the feedback received from all the clients that we have worked with. Our services delivered at a cost that is unmatchable in the market.

The CEO: How did you build your team?

Shweta: I am of the strong belief that teamwork makes the dream work, and the fact is that if there is a bad team constructed, the vision gets dissolved and failure is assured. I have always believed that to create a team that works in sync with the company’s objectives, one has to create a trusted network of passionate people around them.

Post this delegation of work with trust is important, team members should be given their freedom to think and take decision with proper discussion. I met and collectively constructed a team of like-minded people who agreed to works towards the same vision and were ready to look at the bigger picture.

The CEO: What are the activities that allow you to keep your team motivated?

Shweta: At Ennoble, we make sure that there is something new and challenging for each of our employees every day apart from their allotted work. We organize various team-building activities both indoors & outdoors to keep up the spirit & bond of the team intact.

Every occasion is duly celebrated at our organization with an abundance of enthusiasm & zeal where all the employees are allowed to suggest and contribute towards the planning and execution of the events.

Apart from these activities, their progress is always recognized, appreciated & remunerated.  At last, the teams are given the responsibility of breaking down the founder’s vision into short-term, realizable, and scalable goals making all of them a part of the bigger picture.

The CEO: How do you plan on growing your business in the upcoming years?

Shweta: You can find me working on new ideas every moment. I try and work on 10 new ideas and figure out the feasible ideas and further on making them tangible. I believe that we have only one life & we shouldn’t have any regrets of not having tried something new in life.

With the fast-changing market, grabbing each opportunity emerges as a necessity to keep doing new things to sustain in the market & keep up with their pace.

The CEO: What does success look like in the current role and for the company?

Shweta: To begin with, sustaining through the pandemic was a tough task and one of the biggest challenges that we had faced to date. The strong strategic planning of the senior management allowed us to survive as the storm passed by. While there indeed was an adverse impact on the business, we made sure to support our team and our team in return reciprocated the support by their hard work, zeal, and teamwork.

The CEO: What are the questions you ask after each breakthrough?

Shweta: There are a lot of questions that generally an individual asks themselves after a breakthrough. I, as a woman entrepreneur, at the first place try and re-evaluate my skill set, performance, obstacles, and my consistency and then start working on the areas that I feel should be polished again to make a positive difference to the people, society & my business.

The CEO: If you were to answer a young female executive’s question of ‘How can I be a good leader?’, what would you advise?

Shweta: As a woman, I would like to address all the budding women entrepreneurs with a message. Keep working towards your goal without having any guilt of not giving priority to the list of things that a patriarchal system has created. Always keep yourself undeterred and committed to your dreams and you are ready to face any kind of glass ceiling in the way.

The CEO: Do you believe in giving back to society, if yes, how?

Shweta: Indeed, with my recent endeavor, Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF), we tend to support all women by helping them shape their future and become financially independent. WIEF works towards skilling rural women through skill development and vocational training programs where we encourage women to live a better life and enhance their skills which in turn can be utilized either in productive jobs or starting their ventures.

“Each Time I Take A Stand For Myself, I Take A Stand For All Women.”

– Dr Shweta Singh

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