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Sitting at a net worth of $272 million, Satya Nadella has played the role the Microsoft CEO since 4th February 2014 graciously well.

Satya didn’t just fit himself into one of the most influential brands, he also with it bought pride to Indians all over the world with his appointment. Born in Hyderabad, India, from where he did his schooling. He completed his graduation in electronics and communication from Manipal institute of technology in the engineering field.


From the stage of infancy, Satya reflected his keen inclination towards technological developments for enhancing lives around him and building things and to fulfil his interests he pursued masters from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in computer science and further completed his MBA from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.

His leadership skills and the esteemed background of education helped him in successfully leading massive projects in Microsoft and Sun Microsystems and made these organisations better in terms of capability. After meticulously serving his tenure and investing 22 years of his career in Microsoft, he ensured taking the company to greater heights. He acted as the driving force behind the synergy of cloud computing and was efficiently a significant part of the largest infrastructure of cloud in the world.

 The career graph of this man is a clear example of the fact that hard work does pay well, like literally. In his time of tenure, Satya Nadella took care of a number of segments and business divisions; he was the President of the server and tools section, he was the Vice President of the Microsoft Business Division, he managed the office of Senior Vice President of Research and Development for the services online and more. He was so determined to amplify the revenue for Microsoft that he easily climbed the ladder of success in the manner of promotions and his growth can be attributed to his commitments towards his work. When he took the charge as the President of the cloud services division, the revenue boomed to an unfathomable US$ 16.6 billion in 2011 and US$ 20.3 billion in 2013.

During his course in Microsoft Satya Nadella has bought a number of vital changes in the company, he took over the throne when the company was dealing with the crisis in 2014. After him coming into authority, he made several changes that helped the company survive the heavy downfall in the stocks position and improved the scenario by partnering with other companies, focusing on one major objective, open-source software projects and more.

The Microsoft CEO has worked hard and excelled in each field he has touched, millions of young heads around the world look up to him for his achievements, his educational background and his career path. With a comfortably cushioned life today, Satya happily resides in Bellevue, Washington, the USA with his wife and three children. He has inspired innumerable millennials and else to dedicate themselves to their career, work hard and see the change happening. Running after materialistic goods may not be a bad trait but running after it without having to put any effort may not get you what you are looking for and Satya has set a pretty convincing example of the same.

“Success can cause people to unlearn the habits that made them successful in the first place” Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

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