The CEO Yearbook 2016

The CEO Magazine is a India`s leading monthly magazine published from New Delhi. Since the beginning of our magazine we have been interacting with entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO`s and C-Level personalities. One thing we found common to all that, they eager to tell about themselves, about their organization, team members and about their products/services. We have done it; we have covered their interviews on our online website and in our monthly Magazine. After consistent request from our clients we have decided to come up with our special print edition “The CEO YearBook 2016”.

What is this The CEO YearBook?

The CEO YearBook is a comprehensive book which will contain the profiles of Indian CEO`s & Indian Entrepreneurs. This YearBook will consist, listing of Indian CEO`s & Entrepreneurs with their respective categories. All the Indian CEO`s & Entrepreneurs will get the 2 pages of Exclusive Profile, wherein they will talk about their profile, education, challenges, success story and message to future Entrepreneurs.

What is the need of The CEO YearBook 2016?

Indian business is growing at the exponential growth; we can see there are so many Indian Brands which makes us proud, but rarely the people know the person behind that brand. They also want to tell about themselves, but till date there is no book or edition to give them an extraordinary coverage. The CEO YearBook 2016 will profile 500+ Indian CEO`s and Entrepreneurs that will create the ecosystem in the Indian business community.

15 Categories | 15 Verticals | 500+ Profiles | 50k Prints | PAN India/USA distribution | Availability on Major Book stores.

What all are the categories which will entail in The CEO YearBook 2016?

Indian Business is divided into various verticals; all the CEO`s & Entrepreneurs’ profiles will be published with their respective categories. Some of the categories are mentioned below:

Technology: BI, Big Data, Cloud, Data Centre, Mobile Apps, Cyber Security, Networking, Storage, Outsourcing, ERP/CRM, SME, PLM, QA/Testing, Telecom.

Non Technology: Financial, Healthcare, Travel, E-Commerce, Hardware, Consulting, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Event Services, Education.

Where The CEO YearBook 2016 will be distributed?

The print run of The CEO YearBook 2016 will be 50,000 copies and it will be circulated to:

  • C-Level executives of all Industries in India.
  • Central Libraries, Engineering/Management Colleges, Universities and Incubation centers in India.
  • It will be available to Major Book Stands and also distributed through cross word and Landmark.
  • Will be reaching to HR Professionals across PAN India.
  • Will be distributed free of cost to VC`s and Angle Investors.
  • It will be circulated to all Major Metro Stations across NCR Region.
  • Digital version of The CEO YearBook 2016 will be available on our website.

Why the CEO or an Entrepreneur should be a part of The CEO YearBook?

Mostly entrepreneurs and CEO`s are looking for new business associations, VC`s/Angle Investors, reach in the market and extra ordinary talent to hire. We are going to create an ecosystem wherein they can find all the needs and requirements with their details. The CEO YearBook will be a comprehensive collection of Indian CEO`s & Indian Entrepreneurs with their respective categories. As per the survey, the profile of an entrepreneur/CEO gives trust to the third party to initiate business and motivation to the entrepreneurial aspirants to associate with them.

The profiles will be written by our editorial team through questionnaire or telephonic interview, we will publish the same after your final approval. If you would like to be the part of The CEO YearBook 2016 please contact us:

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