When we are ready to point out the problems, why can’t we provide a solution?

Yeh Gaddhe aur yeh traffic kabhi nahi sudhernge !

Arey Foreign mein toh dekho sab system se chalte hain!!

Woh dekho kachre ka dher!! 

Arey India mein job hi kaha hai yaar!

Mai to abroad jaake rahunga!

Hum Ladkiya bilkul bhi safe nahi hai India mein! Bahar ka judiciary system toh dekho, kitna strong hai!

Stop for a minute and think!

Aapne kya kar liya janaab?

When we are ready to point out the problems, why can’t we provide a solution?

This Independence day let’s be the change that we want to see in our country. Let’s showcase #MyRealIndia to the world. We are spearheading an initiative in collaboration with Educational Institutions to add another unique chapter in the beautiful journey of India on the occasion of our 72nd Independence Day while engaging in a passion that captures the remarkable growth of the country.

#MyRealIndia is an invitation to the college students to join us in the initiative and capture the country, in all its glory, pride and beauty in a picture completing it with a tagline/slogan. As a token of appreciation, best entries will be posted on our social platforms and in our magazine as well.

What can you shoot and how do you participate?

  • When you participate in the #MyRealIndia campaign; you are free to shoot anything and everything in line with India’s emergence as a fastest growing economy. (For Example; Selfie with Teacher, Coach, Business Person, Your business partner, Entrepreneur, Favorite Place, River, Dam, Train, national monuments, even with the people who help you in your day to day activities like Dabbawala, Servant, Autorikshaw Driver, Bus Driver any one. )
  • Tag all the pictures with #MyRealIndia in the caption. . The entries will be pulled to The CEO Magazine website.
  • You can participate by simply submitting them on Facebook with a hashtag #MyRealIndia
  • We would love it if you take this initiative and reach out to your friends, family members and colleagues too. Share this post, with your friends, family members and encourage them to join you.
  • Only the entries that come to us within 2 weeks of the contest going live, that is till 15th of August, will be considered valid for participation and appreciation.

The decision of the jury will be unchallenged and final. The pictures so submitted by the participants shall become a property of The CEO Magazine and the participant agrees to relinquish the title and all the rights of the submitted image in favor of The CEO Magazine.

We want to make #MyRealIndia reach every corner of the world. Because, India is not confined to potholes, traffic, corruption and rapes, rather, India is a country where every heart, every culture and every tradition finds its Home.

Feel proud to be a part of the beautiful country – India


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