Think little yield better: A key to Entrepreneurial Success

Think little yield better: A key to Entrepreneurial Success

When you venture out something as an entrepreneur, your vision focuses on the big-future-picture of the organization for setting up the company’s goals and roadmap. But you should dress up your big dreams with small thinking. The term seems inappropriate at first but if such little aspects are invested together, they can make your entrepreneurial journey a clear sailing. These micro-shifts are the tiny actions which have the dexterity to nudge you forward on your path.

While observing the entrepreneurial spectrum, I came through the micro-shifts that have chipped in almost every successful entrepreneur’s voyage. One should always try to abstract his business idea from the scratch which addresses the major pain point and urge of the market. Then make positive microshift by infusing innovations to make the idea more real and profitable.  Same efforts and improvements will be required for every step taken to make your business successful and stable in the evolving business environment.  When Nike stormed the market with ‘just do it’ tagline, nobody gave a thought that the phrase would turn into a brand itself! The eyes witnessed leading speakers globally infused Nike’s creation in their speeches. This turned out to be an indirect promotion of Nike itself!  That is the power of Microshifts.

For the entrepreneurs, society and people play a dramatic role. Make sure you invest your time with people of your own vibe. Wasting time to convince critics and cynical people will result in nothing. Focus you shift on your admirers and believers; critics will fall in love with you by themselves! Hanging out with positive people will add up your confidence.  Don’t please others by making excuses about why something is not working in your organization. Refocus on the problem and hatch a solution for the situation from the experience you have gained because failure is itself a teacher. Don’t fall down when you find yourself alone during your entrepreneurial success. Be your best friend and your cheerleader because you have to pamper yourself to get up and fight back again with the hurdles since you are the creator of your own journey and success.

Celebrate your tiny wins. Did you accomplish your daily goal? Celebrate.  Get more sleep if you have finished your task early. Cleared you meeting? Celebrate. Small wins can lead to a huge difference in performance over time. For a successful entrepreneurial journey, we need to focus on the small microshift because believe me an angry client email or rejection never affects my work because I don’t dwell on negativities around me. Acknowledge the positive in your life. No one can be an overnight success. Small steps definitely make your journey worth living.


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