“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” – Mohammed

We are no more living in an era where people with disabilities were treated sympathetically or even slightly differently, we have come to pass that stage, and for good.

Today, laws have been passed, architecture has been reinvented, employment opportunities have generated over the years, etc. the differently-abled person and the ones around them have started to accept it as a part of them and accordingly build a life around them. Similarly, in the travel industry there have been mammoth improvements in terms of involvement.

Travel plans no more are treated as impossible or problematic for the differently-abled, no matter if you are traveling for business or luxury, it can all be managed. And to make sure these things are not playing around with and travel is always as convenient for all, no matter if you are the one who is differently-abled or you are someone who is traveling with a person like that, here are a few things that one needs to remember to maintain travel safety;

  • Make a plan: The key to success is planning, once you have a plan in your hand it will automatically reduce the time of inconvenience and chances of being stranded somewhere. Always prioritize booking flights and hotel rooms but if you have a plan to stay with family or friends, do them let them know beforehand. Not everyone likes surprise or sudden visitors, it is important to give the other person the time to prepare. And if possible, arrange a pickup for yourself, coordinate with your family or friends and ask them if they can do it for you.
  • Hotels: If you are aware of the situation it only makes sense to book a stay that is friendly architecturally for the disabled. These hotels make the stay and roaming around the place very easy for the guests. They also provide transport options that are friendly keeping in mind the needs of the person. They also come with protocols to manage an emergency if need be, unlike the regular hotels who are at a loss or get a panic attack and overlook such important issues.
  • Travel packages: If you search online you will find a number of travel agents who make specialized packages for disabled travelers. They will book your flights, arrange for the facilities at the airport, manage you pick and drops for you, and help you plan your travel easily without you having to run through the trouble of finding disabled-friendly services. They ensure the comfort and services at top priority.
  • Airport rights: Let’s suppose you did not go for a travel agent; it is highly significant to know the rights that you can demand from the airport authority. It does get tough to travel when you have a disability or you are traveling with someone that has any such differently-abled thing. One of the major problems that are faced by the people reaching the airport is collecting the information it always turns into hassle and this issue is further amplified by the growing number of people standing in long ques at the counters. And to counterattack, these problems its important to know that there are dedicated attendants to take care of all your needs. The people must understand and be conversant with their rights to ensure any discrimination is avoided while on travel.
  • Medicines: Keep extra doses of medicines, I mean there is no harm in doing so. This will only make your journey safer and help you in any unwarranted situation. It always serves as a backup for emergency and ensures you never run out of your medication if you plan on staying a few more days. And while you are at it, make sure you also store them properly, who wants to spoil a vacation because of spoilt medicines.
  • Direct flight: It’s tiring for a regular traveler to take connecting flights, there’s too much, there are visa issues, plus form fillings and there’s a waiting time, imagine what kind of hassle it would be for a differently-abled person, quite a lot. So, to avoid all the panic, try and get a flight that does not have any stopovers. You will not be worried about all these issues and the plus side is no chance of loss of luggage. Another thing is that you have to make arrangements for the disabled traveler only at one airport, not two, chances are it skips your mind and you are unable to do it at the very moment you reach there. Direct flights are always a boon.

These are the few things that you will have to keep in mind you are a differently-abled traveler or if you are traveling with one, this will not just make your travel easy but also give you time to comfortably enjoy your vacation without having to worry about any extra hiccup coming your way.


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