Haryana: The Vedic Land Of North India

Haryana: The Vedic Land Of North India

The state of Haryana is a combination of both the astonishing history and rich culture.  The state is called the Vedic land because of rich cultural history. The origin of the name “Haryana” in itself is interpreted by various religions followed in India.

The ancient name, Haryana was originated from the emergence of Lord Brahma on the land of Haryana. The region has been significantly hailed as the matrix of creation and heaven on earth. The other names of Haryana are Hariyanka which means the abundance of food supply and vegetation. The word Haryana is also said to found written on a stone during the reign of Sultan Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq. Dharanidhar in his work in the Akhand Prakash says that “the word comes from Haribanka connected to the worship of Hari, the Lord Indra. Since the field is dry one; its people worship Indra (Hari) always for rain.”


Haryana is also known as the “The Home of Gods”, as Hari means God (Vishnu) and Ayana means Home. The wonderland with vibrant and rich cultural heritage is a perfect location of the visitors to experience the rich culture of India and get the essence of the Vedic Period. Haryana is a state which truly represents India with its colorful costumes, people, and the unique and heartful way its language is spoken.


Most of the population in Haryana speaks the language Haryanvi, along with various other dialects like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Sanskrit, and English. The Haryanvi language is spoken in Indian Capital Delhi, northern Rajasthan, and Western Uttar Pradesh. The language, Haryanvi varies from village to village. The accents intermingle to form the constructive language.

The language and the way it is spoken attract many because of its uniqueness. The language has been used in Indian movies and cinema for a long time. With famous movies like “Dangal” and “Sultan”, and their underlining theme of “Haryanvi Language”, the dialect has become been welcomed and appreciated throughout India and Abroad.


The cuisine just like the culture of Haryana is simple, earthy and inextricably linked to the land. The Haryanvi food is wholesome, fresh and healthy and made with no fuss at all. The food showcases the culture of the state. As simple is the culture, the cuisine is also uncomplicated. “Roti”, the most essential part of the North-Indian Homemade food has various forms in Haryana. From “Bajare ki roti” to Roti made with the flour of gram, barley, and wheat. A simple yet nutritious item on the plate goes well with the naturally extracted fat-rich vegetables and dishes.

Folk Music And Dances

Dance and Music are the most attractive cultural elements of Haryana. The state has various forms of folk dances and music performed on various occasions in the different regions of Haryana. The “Jhumar”, “Loor” and “Gugga dance” are some of the most ancient and popular dance forms which can be seen being performed in various events around the year.

5 Must Visit Places In Haryana

  1. Kurushetra: The land of righteousness traces its past to the King Kuru. Kutushetra holds a place in the Epic battle of Mahabharata. The king Kuru laid the foundation of the land that has its roots on uprightness. Various Sikh gurus and Lord Budha have also spent time in Kurukshetra.
  2. Gurugram: The Vedic land is now also the face of civilization. The Gurugram city is the leading financial and industrial hub leading India’s economic growth. From its first-ever manufacturing plant by the leading Indian Maruti Suzuki India Limited established in the 1970s to today when Gurugram is home to numerous company offices of more than 250 Fortune 500 companies, the city is one of the most developed economic hubs of India.
  3. Panchkula: The satellite town of Panchkula is present on the way to hill stations in Himachal Pradesh like Shimla. The location is famous for the “Chandels” and trekking on the Morni Hills. The location is a great spot offering a variety of entertainment and eating.
  4. Panipat: This city of Haryana has witnessed three pivotal battles of Indian History. The ancient and historic location is also known as the “City Of Weavers”. The monuments, forts, and temples showcase the magnificent historical connections make Panipat in Haryana an interesting tourist destination.
  5. Karnal: Karnal presents its visitors with a charm of history and architectural marvels. The destination has its vast rice fields and is also known as the popular “Rice Bowl of India”. Karnal is a great vacation destination offering a dose of culture, food, religion, and celebration.


The Vedic land of Haryana and its various cities have witnessed history from the time of Mahabharata to India’s independence. The culturally rich state of India holds various attractions that have documented the rich Indian History making it one of the top tourist destinations in India.

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