Mellifluous! If there was a way to describe the heart of India, it would be Mellifluous. Overflowing with the modernity, variety, culture, history, life, and yet deep down attached to its ancient roots the cacophony of Delhi, the (historical) capital of India. A relentlessly pulsating vibes of a bustling multilingual civilization like no other city in India or even around the world.


You can love it, you can hate but you will not be able to ignore it. This beautifully chaotic and wonderfully picturesque part of the city will hard push you to get lost in it, regardless of whether you are looking to shop here or indulge in the history of this place. The narrow lanes and bustling streets would be shared with little shopping carts, and autos, coupling with stray cows, dogs, monkeys, little shops that are over a 100 years old, hawkers, traders, vans, cars, popular restaurants, artefacts, a Mosque, a Temple, a Gurudwara and a Church, from rich to rags, all at one place, no bias.


With the tag of being the capital of a country that boasts of one of the most delicious cuisines on the planet, Delhi does not disappoint its locals or visitors. Delhi’s popular cuisines will overpower your taste buds with a wonderful blast of flavors from a ‘Thali’ like fusion inside your mouth. You can spread your day’s platter with having a south Indian Breakfast with ‘idly’, lunching on some Punjabi ‘kulchas’, strolling in the evening towards the rich Mughlai curry flavors.

And among all this stuffing keep space for the most famous ‘Dilli Ki Chaat’, the famous street food that people come to try from all over the country. And if you are in old Delhi long enough, wait for the sun to set in and the barbeque grills to open up in the lanes of ‘Jama Masjid’. Try the mouth-watering ‘kebabs’ and ‘aloo tikkis’ (potato patties filled with grounded Indian spices) before you gorge on the scrumptious desert ‘jalebi’ (sweet fritters, ideally made with saffron and food color) or the thick creamy ‘kheer’ (pudding made with milk, rice, sugar, cardamoms, cinnamon, almonds, saffron, etc.)


The Delhi emporiums are the true example of all the glitter, color and riches that you could ever buy, so in case you are wondering about the stuff you forgot to buy from any other city that you travelled to in India, don’t worry, Delhi has got it. From Madhubani paintings of Bihar to the puppets of Rajasthan, from Pashmina shawls of Kashmir to ‘Chaniya Cholis’ of Gujarat, you will get everything under one umbrella. New Delhi offers its visitors flea markets, multi-floor shopping complexes, souvenir shops, and shops with a history that date backs more than 100 years. You will find a mix of everything famous from all around the world, in the street markets of Old Delhi offering a wide range of shawl, slippers, clothes, handicrafts, food, electronics and more, regardless of the fact that you are going to purchase something or not, it will be a fun experience to go, witness the hustle, and click memorable pictures.


Delhi is not just one city making its way through the fast pacing lives of the people, it is an amalgamation of eight cities that have over the years built, constructed on the dusted ruins of its ancestors and incorporated into one. The modern-day citadel that we witness today was once treasured by the rulers and haunted by the djinns. Filled with culturally rich monuments that have a royal tale of their own and filling the historical books of the dusty libraries. The ruins of Purana Qila, Shajahanbad, Tughlqabad Fort will leave you salivating through the earlier eras wanting to explore the magnificent figures from the history of the tombs.

This metropolis is not just a historical wonder but also the largest democracy in the world. More than a vacation, this city will bring a transformation in you, you don’t just holiday here, you learn here. And the best way to welcome this city and let it welcome you is to be open to everything, warmth, hustle, culture, food, people and everything else. Just ‘go with the flow’, let Delhi and its aura tell you what all it is about.


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