5 Things You Should Try In Punjab: The Land Of Sikhs

5 Things You Should Try In Punjab: The Land Of Sikhs

Punjab, the land of Sikhs is the best way to start your Indian traveling experience. The state has various places which offer one to experience the rich and pure culture of India. Sikhs are the people associated with Sikhism, the faith that originated in India around the 16th Century. They are a community of proud people who believe in their guru’s (teacher’s) word. From the mustard fields to the malls with luxury brand stores, Punjab is a state that represents the rich Indian agriculture culture and development perfectly along with the most enthusiast and helpful people.


The culture of Punjab can be explained in one word “Purity”. From homemade food to simple cotton salwar suits (traditional dress), Punjab is known for its simple and natural culture. Since the land is agriculturally rich, the rural culture is also an important element of Punjab’s cultural aspect. The culture of Punjab remains one of the most colorful and exciting ones. Whether its love or war; fairs and festivals, dancing, music, and literature have been the most essential expressions representing the culture.


The Punjabi Literature was originated in the 13th Century and can be seen in the verses of the Sufi Sheikh Farid. Later, in the 15th-16th century, with the poetic expressions by Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Faith became a part of the Punjabi Literature. The Sufi Poet Waris Shahhas contributed the literature along with various other writers and poets who portrayed the picture of various elements of Punjab at different points of time in different centuries.

Dance and Folklore

Thinking of Punjab always leads one to the image of the men and women dancing in the colorful traditional dresses with a smile on their faces. The dance form is known as “Bhangra” and is performed to celebrate the harvesting festival. The versatile dance form has been adapted and mixed with various other dance forms all over the globe.

The folk tales of Punjab are very famous and are usually written and sung in the local dialects including the epics, ballads, and romances include Mirza-Sahiban, Heer-Ranjha, Sohni-Mehiwal, and many others. Along with these everlasting romances, the Shalooks of Sikh Gurus, Baba Farid, and others also include the mystic folk songs and religious songs that are usually heard in the holy Sikh temples called “Gurudwara”.


Since the land is based on Agriculture, the most important festival in Punjab is “Lohri” or “Baisakhi”, the festival celebrates the harvest and the anniversary celebration of the birth of the community’s “Khalsa” order. Since the diversity of India unites it, the Hindu festivals of Dussehra and Diwali are also celebrated with the same enthusiasm in the state of Punjab just like they are celebrated in the rest of the country.

5 Things You Should You Try In Punjab

  1. Langer At Harminder Sahib (Amritsar): “Langer” is the service of providing free food to the visitors of the holy worship place of Sikhs called” Gurudwara”. There are various Gurudwaras which offer the “langer” Sewa (service) but the Harminder sahib has the largest kitchen serving to people 24 hours a day with langar tea and many times a day with the full meals. The Harminder Sahib also known as Golden temple is spiritually the most significant shrine in the Sikh Religion.
  2. Watch the Rural Olympics at Kila Raipur (Ludhiana): The village of Kila Raipur hosts the renowned rural Olympics each year in February. The event offers great entertainment to the visitors with the games like Bullock cart race, tractor race, and a tug-of-war race.
  3. Visit the Heart Of Punjab, Farms: The state has some outstanding boutique farm stays where one can experience the lives of the local rural people of Punjab. There are several of these farm stays that are situated in various parts of Punjab including Chandigarh and Amritsar. Going for the tractor rides at the yellow mustard fields to experiencing the simple food and culture of the farmers makes one experience Punjab at its core with these farm stays.
  4. Experience the art (Patiala): Punjab offers a glorious royal history. The state of Patiala greets the visitors with the regal monuments, gardens, and parks. The immense Qila Mubarak and Moti Bagh Palace showcase the history with the museums and art galleries. It is a must-visit as it represents the rare and remarkable Sikh Palace Architecture.
  5. Shopping at the Pavilion Mall (Ludhiana): Visiting Punjab and not taking back suitcase full of souvenirs for everyone is not a choice any traveler has. From clothing, footwear, food items, handicrafts to the most luxurious brands, the mall offers all in one solution.


From its rich history to its colorful traditional dresses, the city of Punjab is vibrant and a perfect spot to start your Indian Travel from. The land of Sikhs offers the most unforgettable journey, from the food to streets and people; everything about Punjab is amazing and soulful.

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