Looking at the scenario today, it already looks like the ‘Internet of Things’ has taken over technology completely and it’s only getting better by each day.

If the present is so unbelievably advanced, it’s only a few years until the world will see technological transformations unbelievable to the naked eye. The team of CEO magazine went into deeper research of this technology which led to innumerable advancements that the future holds for us and some of these are in progress too. These devices will not just make our lives completely hassle free but also offer us solutions to some of the most complicated issues we deal with in our daily lives.

Here is a list of some futuristic devices that will alter your life completely in the coming years;


Changing something as small as personal care can bring changes in your lives that are massive, not always it has to be a mountain shifting movement. And this can be proven best by the technology of IoT application that’s transforming the smallest of things in our lives like for the people who hustle through a busy schedule and hardly get any time to drink water or don’t remember to do so, there are smart glasses. This glass will act as a reminder for you to drink water at the right frequency, it will also track the amount of water you consume, and it will sense the right temperature of the water and maintain the same appropriate one throughout. All you would need to do is to sync the device with your Smartphone.


This device is nothing less than just out of the Avengers Movie. The ‘smart eye’ works on track ambitiously on Google’s highly successful project of ‘The Glass’. This device is ornate with connectivity and sensor options that allow you to read emails, messages, open maps, etc. in sync with your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which further gives you several features and options that can be accessed right in front of your eye, negating any distraction.


This futuristic device will keep a track of your activities through, muscle sensors and gestures. This will be well equipped with detection electrodes to capture motion, contraction or relaxation. These changes in motion will be recorded and sent to the software which will further break it down and decode it to translate it into commands.


For the ones who have an active lifestyle full of adventures like trekking would know exactly how helpful this technology can prove to be and in the current version as well it is. Only to further enhance a pulse oximeter would help you keep a check on your pulses in situations of high altitudes and track oxygen levels. This device tells you whether your pulse rate is right, or if the oxygen level is appropriate for you to further take the trek ahead. In the future, this device will only get smarter by notifying your doctor through the cloud, without you having to make any calls. This could prove to be a lifesaver against several health issues.


One of the most unique products of the IoT basket is this technology. This technology will update you on the air pressure of your car tires and also inform you if you have a flat tire even under inflated one. The sensors are attached to the tires that keep a track of the change in air pressure and respond immediately for you to take appropriate action on time.  This technology has been introduced to encourage safe driving.


It’s pointless to keep developing technology that is only working on the surface level. And hence with the growing issues in the farming sector, IoT has arrived at just the appropriate solution for it. Smart farming will assist the farmers in enabling an ecosystem with IoT devices to generate information about the soil, pest control, crops, rains, nutrition and accordingly take preventive measures. It will also help them in altering their farming techniques and take up modern methods to make the best out of their farms. Though this technology is in the process but once implemented, this will be of great help to the farmers.

Soon all of these devices will be in full throttle and available online to buy, the “internet of things’ has not just changed how we live, but will also successfully transform a lot of ways in which we shape our tomorrow. These futuristic devices are all that we look forward to a more hassle-free living.

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