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The industry of event management has dynamically, over the years fused concepts of innovative technology and conventional projects. In addition, coupling with a dire need for upgrading its original ideas, it has swiftly branched into proactive growth aspects.

Event managers today are coming up with innovative ideas to ensure meeting the market demands. Future is shining bright on concepts of ‘experiential events’ for the future. This industry has witnessed a transition full of modernizations and zests. These events are spirally popularity because of their nature to involve the guests in an engaging opportunity to interact. These events are not just bringing people together they’re as well crafting experiences, with less stress on paper plans and more on the role played for the success of the same. The journey of this industry from purely structural to essentially pragmatic has been quite a warm one.


These events happening in future will actively engage all your senses, from touching, hearing to smelling and seeing, the evolution of designing would be massive. A multi-sensory involvement would be on priority for the attendees that would polish there experience, aura, taste and the layout of the event creating a better connect of the agenda of the event to the guests. It will focus on the host of the event and the unique feature they are looking to highlight and present to their guests.


We no longer live in the times when attending guests was mandatory more than wishful, no longer we see long queues on the gates of the wedding entrance with fake smiles and tired hosts. Moreover, having said that, it would be unfair to expect to be continuously smiling to a number of people that could easily hit from between 100 to 1000. Of course, this undeniably brought in a supreme level of personal attention with it but it should have been for all and backed up with sensible hospitality and smart and more organized manner of working. This is where the event industry stepped in to make lives easier with hassle-free personalized acts of hosting.

Much more than a decade ago, the Indian industry shifted its base from regular music systems to fancy DJ’s and then to VJ’s, all to attend the guests better. Somebody needed to ‘pull on the dance floor’ act, to get the party started. Then came to the picture the post-party solutions of comfort from flip-flops to hangover kits, live bar counters to personal attendants and more.  Warm hospitality became the priority for the event industry and the focus shifted from planning to involving.


The trending topic that has taken down the market like wildfire is the hot topic of personalized experience. Moreover, this personalization is not restricted to just weddings and personal celebrations but also the corporate parties and marketing activities. What is of utmost importance is the fact that you know what kind of guests you are going to serve.  If you make your arrangements accordingly. It is only going to make your guests remember your events far longer and word of mouth is always good to go marketing strategy.


In this ever-evolving e-generation, who would have thought that we would go online in the future and order food, find suitable matches, book tickets, get an invitation for events etc. The chief highlight of the process is the proactive manner of engagement that enhances the participation level of the guests.

There are a number of examples, where the suitable organization of an experiential event has engaged the audience and created massive brand awareness.The clients have bagged high levels of market reach and potential audience. Events today are more often than not, considered investments with hefts returns, which could be commercial, social or personal, any.

The Indian event industry presently is at the utmost crisp phase of blooming. A number of industry experts comprehend the sanctity of sowing the seeds of events that are conducive to guest participation and interaction. Reckoning and living unto the fact that we live in an ever-evolving universe are necessary and accordingly realize that this fast-paced market is only going to amplify the client expectations.


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