De Space: Designing your Dream Home

De Space: Designing your Dream Home

Talk to an IT executive in Bangalore and you get to know that he has got his priorities right. The new-age individuals or couples have been around the world, have got global exposure, and once they are back they want to replicate the same best practices when they buy their dream house.

This is the requirement that De Space, a customized boutique interior designing firm based out of Bangalore focused on, and has managed to create a niche of their own in the ever-expanding residential interiors market.

De Space doesn’t offer standard products, but understands the clients’ requirements and then provides customized interiors to them.   “Our clients are mostly sorted. They know their requirements well, and that makes our task easier”, says Akshata Menon Vig, Cofounder and Chief designer at De Space. After taking the requirements, Akshata personally works on each and every aspect of space planning and design and accordingly submits a proposal to the clients.

Started by Dev Vig and Akshata Menon Vig in 2010, the firm has delivered more than 400 projects in Bangalore successfully and has more than 60 people team on the ground that helps them achieve their vision.

“While customized interiors have always been the requirement of the client, we also realized that the interior designing market lacked in another aspect –Client experience. Whenever you talk to someone about their residence interiors, we could hear only grievances about the delay in delivery, quality of work, contractors leaving the project mid-way without informing clients, and more. The industry needed a professional setup, and this is something that we have categorically focused upon”, says Dev.

For the founders, it’s been a great journey so far. They started small and have gradually increased the team while following the lean startup model. “We keep our expenses minimum and focus on achieving the best possible quality. It has helped us to stay afloat and stay profitable”, claims Dev. He also says since they are profitable, they have no plans of getting funding from outside and would rather take it slow. “We don’t want exponential growth, we want a growth that is sustainable and doesn’t result in diluting our quality”.

De Space currently operates and services the city of Bangalore, and has plans to expand to other cities. They recently completed their first project in Hyderabad, and also plan to enter the cities of Mumbai and Pune.

“We are taking baby steps. And while the steps may be small, we are happy they are in the right direction”, concludes Dev


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