The most crucial role to play for the recruitment agencies is today to hire for both full time and temporary job roles and the key to hire a strong and loyal employee is to effectively plan the hiring procedure.

The hiring managers have to take the job to fulfil the positions with diligent and deserving candidates. In a scenario when they are unable to meet their set goals and aren’t providing the right kind of qualified and reliable supply by practicing the right strategies, it means there is a need for change. You have to change your pace and your mannerisms to explore the more constructive procedure in place of sticking to the age-old ways of recruitment.

In the present era, where we are witnessing the advent of modern technologies, the recruitment agencies are facing a stringent competition i.e. rising by each day. Here are a few reasons why,

Fewer candidates: Making an employee change their job is as good as taking a person out of their comfort zone, it’s a task! And in a scenario where qualified candidates are hunted real quick and placed well, it only makes the supply drop massively. This, in turn, agitates the employer forcing them to think that they may not find a suitable candidate for their vacancy, even as you read; there are at least three-quarters of companies that are looking for an apt candidate.

The recruitment market: The internet today has become a major podium for information, it has become easier to search for jobs, more jobs posts have gone online, and tailored sites have been made to ensure that the process for the employer and the employee to meet on the appropriate platform is easily made available. Eventually, it has been left to the candidate if they want to pick the vacancy or if the post and the offices fancy them to join or not.

The goodwill: The branding game is only going to get stronger with time in the future; more time would be spent in building a digital image of the brand to ensure there is the least number of negative comments left online by anyone. One negative comment can easily turn a potential candidate into a ‘no show’ because of the bad reputation the company carries on the web.

Trends: Earlier there used to be a time when it used to be more about the recruiter and the candidate, but now the tables have turned; now it has become more about the candidate and the company. In the coming times, we will see the recruitment scenario transforming topsy-turvy. The world is no more about the traditional ways of hiring like newspaper ads, word of mouth, references, etc. have gone long out of the window. Presently and in the coming times, the digitally-driven market is going to dominate the trend with quick results in less amount of time with impactful social factors supporting it. The recruiters who learned to accept the wind of change are transforming their ways of working and extracting maximum advantage of this scenario to their benefit by tapping on deserving candidates.

Changing times: The digital marketplace today is looked upon by the leading firms as a far easier place to find talent. Social media marketing has taken over the era completely. Today when the market has shifted its base to social media over the internet, recruiters have boiled to looking for job vacancies online on sites solely dedicated to this purpose that ensure providing a platform that gives positive results, a brief on their skills, their background, educational qualification, portfolio, etc.

Any nature of selling happens after a good pitch of advertising, even if the sale is of a vacancy. If the company has already managed to maintain goodwill and has a strong market hold, it works wonders for them. Candidates today, before appearing or before even applying for a job, go through the profile of the company, do a background check and read the employer experiences online and then make a decision to apply.

Good credentials and positive reviews can help you land a well qualified suitable candidate. The trends that are revamping and the ones that are being gradually introduced are filling up the spaces real fast in the mindsets of recruiters and in-return, the recruiters are getting used to the idea of blending the trends with their traditional ways of working to extract a smooth blend of augmented results.


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