Apart from being on time and hardworking, there are a plethora of things a lawyer can and should be, for starters sassy!

The nature of profession a lawyer follow, each day is a rollercoaster ride for the, a little touch of fashion doesn’t hurt and at so many levels makes you look work-ready and presentable. Have you ever notices that between a lousily dressed lawyer and a crisp looking one, we would always choose the former. This happens because there is a subconscious part of the head making way for the one who took time to groom them. The need to look well dressed only amplifies your professional look, at should not be ignored.

The right sense of dressing and fashion in you will not just imperatively propagate the brand you represent but will also help boost your reputation extensively among your clientele. Several pieces of research have proven that an individual’s appearance plays a great role in strongly impacting perspectives and perceptions directly related to intelligence, suitability, appearance, trust, authority, success and more. There is a way higher chance of you sweeping away with a higher quoted price looking professionally crisp than comparatively looking just out of bed.

Styling confidently only portrays an organized nature of behaviour and that plays to your benefit. Here are a few tips that can be considered to slay your work attire;

1)    Align work with wearable, always dress according to the day you are going to have at work. Select a dress, align it with your schedule and make sure that it isn’t something that will make you uncomfortable throughout the day. If you are going to the court or planning to hop from one meeting to another, keep yourself comfy. It doesn’t have to be a strategic decision but more of a combination of your style and ease. Having said that, what you wear is a reflection of what your personality is, make a wise decision.

2)    Don’t go all pop colour on yourself, in a profession where the representation of law is at stake, polka dots may not be a very good choice, you might want to save that for a day when you aren’t going to work. Even if you are high on energy, quirky professional, there are several other ways to put that across in your styling statement. Go with bold solid colours, the ones that showcase your quirk and strong point of view simultaneously. If you have a subtle side to you, mute tones will go the best and suit your true style.

3)    Think of what you wear as something that cements the foundation of your brand but through eyes. If you are a solo attorney, it will identify how distinct you are. Your style should talk for itself, promising quality and fierce in competition, both. You don’t necessarily have to add loud clothes to your wardrobe, adding little extra accessories the job decently too. You can add scarves, neckties, bows, hats, pockets, cufflinks, etc. to enhance your personality without crossing the dressing line of your profession.

4)    The foremost thing to check before a purchase is fitting, you have to buy clothes that fit you well and make you look smart. Even if you come from a profession that boasts of staple design and nature of clothes, there is a lot that can be done with different colours and patterns to ensure it fits your body perfectly. Make a choice, what keeps you more comfortable a blazer or a ‘bodycon’ dress, are you a suit person or a plain regular formal fit person, buy only what will keep you comfortable even if it isn’t very in nowadays. There are many law professionals nowadays who make the rookie mistake of buying clothes that do not fit them right and it looks like they are wearing baggy formals, which isn’t the kind of fusion your profession may easily accept.

5)    Don’t go overboard with your expenses, and don’t be a miser either. There are a lot of online portals offering discounts all the time to do some surfing and buy online. You also now get the choice to try and buy, acquire good quality clothes in decent pricing; work-wear shopping cannot get better.

We live in a competitive world, where each one out there is trying to make their mark in some or the other way by taking care of the smallest of details. And in a world full of such a cut-throat competition it is imperative to ensure that the first look that you put across is impressive because as they say “First impression is the last impression.”

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