One of the emerging areas of science, biotechnology has portrayed a significant potential in the last few years and the future looks shining as well. It has been meticulously making its impact in a wide range of verticals like service sectors, healthcare, agriculture, process industry and more.

Each field of life science comes under the umbrella of biotechnology and the results of extensive researches have not just solved the glitches for the human race but also add to the scenario, the potential for employment and revenues. This industry has turned into a revolution across the globe and the scientists closely related to the research are constantly developing cures for health hazards that have affected mankind for years.


The great potential has surfaced from the potential frontiers of the combination of nanotechnology and biotechnology. The quality of life all around the world has significantly improved with the introduction of solutions and path-breaking applications in the industry. There are many top B.Sc. colleges around the country for one to study and gain expertise in the field. The industry is expected to come out with path-breaking applications and solutions that can improve the quality of life significantly for people all over the world.


An enormous amount of investment has happened from the end of genetic engineering to biotechnology. Several superior crop strains have been produced through the technological drift of genetic engineering’s transgenic research that adds amplified nutritional value to the booming demand of food. Research programs have been initiated for the development and designing of new innovative and result-driven products with high expectations.


The agriculture industry is facing several challenges today due to the multiplying population and decreasing natural resources like water, environmental pollution, land, etc. are only adding to the hazard. Like biotechnology can easily find a solution to problems like yielding of crops. The yielding of the crops dips down when the temperature at night has increased to the ratio of 1:10, every 10% drop is experienced with 1 degree rising.

Scientists today have introduced crops in the market that are resistant to pests and cotton that can resist insects. Extreme weather condition crops have also been developed that helps the farmers in amplifying their yielding process and receive better returns on the investments.


High yield of specific products can be enabled from biocatalysts that quicken the reactions biologically. Chemical transformations in organically induced compounds can be enabled by natural catalysts like protein enzymes. The advances that have been made in this industry over the years in recombinant technology have made the application of Biocatalysis possible to a wide selection of chemistries. This process has further facilitated the designing process that meets the extended requirements. The scope for green chemistry and higher-yielding has augmented as well with immense scope for expansion.


The sector of biofuel has massively increased and in the coming years expected to hit more than US$ 55 billion. The benefit of this source of energy is far higher than fossil fuels in terms of energy efficiency. The greenhouse gases are significantly reduced and it is majorly non-polluting. The weather that best suits biofuel is a lot of sunshine, tropical weather and arable land that supports biomass.


Research has been undergoing to comprehend microalgae as the lipid content which in comparison to the crops is much higher and does not need cultivable land to survive. The problem that has been faced and is being worked upon is the hurdles that come through the strains and the bioreactors that hinder in the viable production level economically in developing microalgae. The expectations have been set high in terms of finding a solution to these problems by infusing the branches at multidisciplinary levels.

The potential for the development of biotechnology is enormous in India and the species variety of flora and fauna found in the subcontinents only makes it an ideal place for the placement of researches and development of new solutions in biotechnology. The fact that India also holds a mega geographical zone only works in favour of the process. With the best team of scientists, human resources, engineers, the development of this sector is working towards a new height at an even faster motion.

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