The ‘2019’ Billionaires: Top 20 Richest People of the world

The ‘2019’ Billionaires: Top 20 Richest People of the world

Who’s up the ladder and whose capital shrank; let’s check out the details of the top 20 richest people of the world (males).

1.     Jeff Bezos and family (United States of America)

CEO, Amazon

Age: 55

Net worth: $131 billion

Jeff Bezos and family

Investments: e-commerce colossal Amazon’s founder and a heavy investor in space technology and owning The Washington Post Newspaper

2.    Bill Gates (United States of America)

Co-founder, Microsoft

Age: 63

Net worth: $96.5 billion

Bill Gates

3.    Warren Buffett (United States of America)

CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

Age: 88

Net worth: $82.5 billion

Warren Buffett

4.    Bernard Arnault & family (France)

Chairman and CEO, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

Age: 69

Net worth: $76 billion

Bernard Arnault & family

Investments: oversees an empire of more than 60 brands including Louis Vuitton and Sephora.

5.    Carlos Slim Helu & family (Mexico)

Honorary chairman, América Móvil

Age: 79

Net worth: $64 billion

Carlos Slim Helu & family

Investment: Also owns a stake in Mexican construction, consumer goods, mining and real estate, as well as 17% of The New York Times.

6.    Amancio Ortega (Spain)

Co-founder, Zara

Age: 82

Net worth: $62.7 billion

Amancio Ortega

7.    Larry Ellison (United States of America)

Co-founder, Oracle

Age: 74

Net worth: $62.5 billion

Larry Ellison

8.    Mark Zuckerberg (United States of America)

Co-founder and CEO, Facebook

Age: 34

Net worth: $62.3 billion

Mark Zuckerberg

Quick Note: As per BBC, the Facebook chief executive and founder’s wealth has shrunk by $8.7bn (£6.6bn) in the past year, as the company battled privacy scandals.

9.    Michael Bloomberg (United States of America)

Co-founder, Bloomberg

Age: 77

Net worth: $55.5 billion

Michael Bloomberg

10.   Larry Page (United States of America)

CEO, Alphabet

Age: 45

Net worth: $50.8 billion

Larry Page

11.  Charles Koch (United States of America)

CEO, Koch Industries

Age: 83

Net worth: $50.5 billion


12. David Koch (United States of America)

Co-majority shareholder, Koch Industries

Age: 78

Net worth: $50.5 billion

David Koch

13. Mukesh Ambani (India)

Chairman, Reliance Industries

Age: 61

Net worth: $50 billion

Mukesh Ambani

14. Sergey Brin (United States of America)

President, Alphabet Inc.

Age: 45

Net worth: $49.8 billion

Sergey Brin

15. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family (France)

Chairwoman of family’s L’Oreal holdings and granddaughter of L’Oreal’s founder

Age: 65

Net worth: $49.3 billion

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family

16. Jim Walton (United States of America)

Walmart heir; chairman and CEO, Arvest Bank Group, Inc.

Age: 70

Net worth: $44.6 billion

Jim Walton

17. Alice Walton (United States of America)

Walmart heir; chair, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Age: 69

Net worth: $44.4 billion

Alice Walton

18. Rob Walton (United States of America)

Chairman, Walmart

Age: 74

Net worth: $44.3 billion

Rob Walton

19. Steve Ballmer (United States of America)

Former CEO of Microsoft; current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

Age: 62

Net worth: $41.2 billion

Steve Ballmer

20. Ma Huateng (China)

Chairman of Tencent Holdings

Age: 47

Net worth: $38.8 billion

Ma Huateng


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