Classic shoes that every man should have

Classic shoes that every man should have

Most standard men’s shoe categories were created in various European fashion capitals during the early 19th century. This led to the rise of the first fashion papers and a sort of rivalry among European shoemakers in the 19th century. The shoe types designed then have stood the test of time, though, in keeping with the latest trends, they’ve undertaken a few adjustments over the years. Classic types of men’s shoes include lace-up shoes (oxford, derby, blucher, Budapest, men’s boots), buckled shoes (monk strap), and slip-on shoes (loafer, moccasin, boat shoe).

Classic men’s shoe production is steeped in tradition

When it comes to the manufacturing process behind these high-quality men’s shoes, top-grade leather is indispensable. Shoe history shows that shoe construction and production methods have hardly changed over the years: the craft remains steeped in tradition. Shoe care regimens and shoe-centric dress codes have also remained largely unchanged. In terms of their outward appearance, classic shoes offer aesthetes a real feast for the eyes. Meanwhile, their interiors boast high-quality materials that support healthy feet by ensuring an optimal shoe fit.

Types of shoes:


Classic types of men’s shoes don’t merely differ from one another in appearance, but also closure and decoration.

Lace-up Shoes

They are the category of shoes that are most loved by adult men. They are extremely popular among students as well. Some types of shoes that come under this category are oxford, the derby, and the blucher.

Slip-on Shoes

Amazingly comfortable and easy to put on shoes, these are slip-on as they are leisurewear favorite. The most common types of slip-on shoes are loafers, moccasins, and boat shoes.


Oxfords are known to be the most elegant and unique types of men’s shoes and it is said that these shoes were made popular by the students of Oxford University in the min-19th century. From then these shoes hold a special place in the market.


One of the greatest financial advisor/guru André Kostolányi was a huge fan of derby shoes. He wasn’t alone. Legions of derby fans make this comfortable and elegant model one of Europe’s most beloved shoes.


In addition to the derby, the blucher also features open lacing. The latter’s name refers back to a bygone Prussian field marshal; nowadays the blucher is a key component of the gentleman’s countryside wardrobe.

Men’s Boots

The ur-dandy Beau Brummel made them famous in the 19th century. Ever since then it’s been impossible to imagine men’s fashion without men’s boots. They offer special protection against cold and damp weather as well as an extremely high degree of comfort.


Although they’re probably known to most as traditional Native American footwear, moccasins are also an indispensable part of 21st-century men’s fashion. Moccasins influence with their top level of wearing comfort—until you don’t have to walk too far away.


There are no better shoes for men than loafers if you like to dress casually more often and want a type of shoes that can easily put on. They are very comfortable and trendy and most popular among students as they are the one who jumps on trends as soon as it comes.

Boat Shoe

Not only are boat shoes at home on the water; they’ve also been conquering dry land since the 1980s. Hardly surprising, given that these leisure shoes are extremely light and comfortable.

Monk Strap

The monk strap is a shoe for the unconventional man. Its buckle closure challenges conventions of conservative style—this remarkable shoe polarizes opinion.


Named for its city of origin, this model is an old favorite among the shoemakers of Budapest. However, it’s not quite accurate to refer to the Budapest as a men’s shoe model—it’s more like a special kind of last.

Buckled Shoes

Buckled shoes represent extravagance and individualism, and they polarize opinion. One of the major examples of these types of shoes is the monk strap.

Bottom Line

All of these shoes are very popular among men and they are known to be the best classic shoes for men. We recommend these shoes if you are looking for some amazing shoes for men. All of them will look great with both casual and formal wear which means you can wear it to a party as well as in your office meetings.


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