Buying a New Pair of Eyeglasses? Keep these 5 Things in Mind


Buying a New Pair of Eyeglasses? Keep these 5 Things in Mind

Shopping for eyeglasses online is convenient. Not only will you have plenty of options to choose from, but it also gives you the ease of home-delivery too. As simple as it may seem, selecting the ‘just right’ frame for your face can sometimes be overwhelming because of unlimited choice. There are so many eyeglasses for womenand men available, so no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it easily. That said, it is no reason for you to compromise on the quality of the frame and lenses you select. 

Buying a New Pair of Eyeglasses? Keep these 5 Things in Mind

There are severalvital factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing eyeglasses for women and men. The two main elements of eyewear are the lenses and the frame. Let us provide you a few points to consider with respect to these two:

When Selecting the Frame 

  • Shape of Your Face

You will most likely have one of the following facial shapes: oval, heart, circle, rectangle, or triangle. You will have to carefully scrutinize the shape of your face and analyze the facial features more closely. It will help you figure out which shape of eyeglasses for women or men suits you the best. Read below to find out which face type you must make the right choice.

  1. Heart/Diamond –They are characterized by high broad cheekbones, a more prominent forehead and a narrow nose. Find a pair of equally pointed glasses. Round shaped frames can create a nice contrast with a wider top than the bottom.
  2. Round –This type of shape features a square forehead and an oval nose. Pick frames that are wider in look. Rectangular frames add structure and help the face look broader.
  1. Square – If you have a square face and chin, then the natural angularity of the face must be reduced. Smoother, rounder frames will match your face’s compelling angles.
  2. Oval –The excellent oval shape will look good with any eyeglass type. Your best bet is a pair of symmetric glasses, with a stiff structure and round bottom softness.
  • Fitting

The way an eye-frame fits is exceptionally vital for long-term wearability and comfort. It would be best if you bought a frame that fits your face perfectly without causing you any pressure at the points of contact, such as on your nose or behind the ears. The ideal size of the frame is determined by the distance between your eye sockets and eyes. Larger frames are currently in trend. However, make sure you pick a frame that also offers you comfortable wearability.

  • Lifestyle & Personality

Since you’ll wear your eyeglasses regularly, itshould complement your personality and lifestyle. Nowadays, glasses for women and men come in different colours, styles and shapes. Certain pairs have unusual and eye-catching details to help you stand out with your unique style choice. For instance, you can now find eyeglasses in neon and demi brown colours as well as in interesting styles like cat-eye and aviators.

When Selecting the Lenses

  • Your Eye Condition

Before you choose eyeglasses for women or men, you need to get your eyes checked by an

ophthalmologist. They will perform a comprehensive eye test to identify any vision problem. There are brands like Titan Eye Plus that offer a simple 20-step eye test that includes a visual activity test to check for signs of refractive errors. With the help of a conclusive test,your ophthalmologist will prescribe the right glasses & lenses for you.

  • UV Protected Lens

Your eyes are exposed to harmful rays not just from the sun, but also from light emitted by devices. The health risks are substantial and include macular degeneration and cataracts. That is why eyeglasses for women and men that protect against such radiations are becoming increasingly popular. Many popular brands offer the option of UV protected lenses and blue light technology that help save your eyes from such possible damage.

Choose the Right Eyeglasses

Based on the shape of your face, lifestyle and fashion choices, there are eyewear options for everyone. Eyeglasses for women and men as provided by reputable brands like Titan Eye Plus have contemporary frame designs along with high quality and the best-in-class lenses. They are available at pocket-friendly prices, and their after-sale service is top-notch. So, whether looking for eyeglasses for women or men, find a plethora of options and choose the most stylish and comfortable pair.


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