10 Best Cartoon Shows for Kids in India

10 Best Cartoon Shows for Kids in India

Puja Bhardwaj || The CEO Magazine

Data says that 40% of kids aged below 13 are watching cartoons.

But! What about 60%?

Shocking right! It may sound extremely funny but yes, 60% who are watching these cartoons are the ones aged between 13 and 28 years.

There are numerous reasons for it. The main reason that we all can relate is the depression factors that we take in. It’s surprising and same happens with cartoons in India. We have come up with the list of top 10 cartoons in India which these legends are engrossed at watching!


Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry hold the first position in the list of best cartoons in India. This show has been entertaining us for the last 50 Years. The Story of this show revolves around a Cat and a Mouse who always fights with one other. This show was started in 1940 in Black white then became famous all over the World. This show is very old but it will remain forever not only for kids but also for adults. It is indeed every 90’s most popular cartoons in India and most-watched cartoon in India.


Chota Bheem

One of the most powerful and famous modern-day Indian cartoon shows, Chota Bheem is quite famous cartoon in india. Whether you are a young kid or a teenage boy you are probably aware about the power and energy of Chota Bheem. The main characters of this show are Kalia, Raju, Dolu, Bolu, and Chutki. Chota Bheem depicts how a simple boy becomes so powerful by just eating Ladoo and saves the villagers all the time.



The highest TRP cartoon show in India,  Doraemon is a Japanese manga series that was famous worldwide after its dubbing. Doraemon, Nobita, SHIZUKA, and others are some famous characters of this show. The story revolves around the  Doraemon, who is a robotic cat and Nobita, a young boy who suffers from poor grades, frequent bullying, and negative emotions. This show presents the daily adventures and problems of Nobita that entertain children.



If we talk about Hindi cartoons, Ninja Hattori is a famous name with a very big fan base in India. Our whole childhood has gone through watching this show. The story of this show is all about Hattori and his friend. He lives with Nobita and his family. This show is not made in India, was dubbed in Hindi but has very much popular.



Shin-Chan, one of the most comedy and funniest cartoons ever made is widely famous in India. It is a very comical cartoon. The show entertains us by showing Shin-Chan’s life and his funny activities and the story run around this. His activities and works can make you laugh anytime.

  1. MR BEAN

Mr Bean

Mr Bean, we all know his name. This is famous not only among children but also in Adults. Mr Bean is introduced into two Version of Show first is TV Series and the second one is in Animated Series. You can watch this amazing show on POGO TV. The show presents the life and funny activities of Mr Bean; this person makes people Laugh without speaking any word.



OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES is another popular Cartoon show among children aired on Cartoon Network. It is just like the Tom & Jerry show, it shows the fight among Oggy and three cockroaches. The thing that makes it interesting is Hindi voice of Oggy is Like Famous Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and Oggy’s Brother’s Voice is Like Sunny Deol. The voice of Cockroaches is like Mumbai Tapori Language.



Hagemaru is again a Hindi dubbed cartoon with a very big fanbase in India. All episodes show an amazing cartoon character, Hagemaru, and his school life. The whole series is very much hilarious and filled with comedy scenes. Hagemaru’s daily adventures are just amazing.


Motu Patlu

A Hindi cartoon series of children of today’s generation, Motu Patlu is quite an interesting show. As it appears from the names, Motu is a fat food freak, and Patlu is thin enough. This animated series highlights two main characters motu and patlu who live in FURFURI NAGAR.  Motu being the one who generally creates the problem every time and patlu has to solve it. The whole story revolves around this only. It brings a lot of entertainment to kids and they find it quite hilarious.


Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, the name that can make your life awesome and full of laughs. In this show, you see a man with a budget-friendly soup-strainer and black hat. He can make any boring people laugh; these are kids by the way. Everyday activities are presented in a hilarious way that makes your kid a fan of it.

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