The period of quarantine can be a bit exhausting but have you not heard about web series, and with the year 2020 taking a move towards the quarter mark, there is no reason you need to worry about getting bored in this period.

With the web series universe taking over the planet, you should know exactly where to tale your attention. And talking about these binge-watching shows in the time of coronavirus, there’s all the time you need to watch them all. The great big mess of the television industry has as usual witnessed a cross-section at large for the noteworthy shows. Some have made their way from the 90s, the ones that we grew up watching and some are as fresh as a peach, and each one of us has our favourites.

In this article you will walk the memory lane of the same old series from your childhood or teens and you will note some new entries who have made it to our list because of their sheer popularity and awesomeness. Also having said that, you may not find this amazing series of ‘BoJack Horseman’ that you may not find it in this list, this show singlehandedly has made t to all the ‘best-of’ lists we will ever write down. It has wrapped off all its seasons and if you find nothing interesting, this one will blow your mind with its humour, political satire, raw, honest comedy.

The following list may not be entire of your interest because it is a mix of two entirely different generations, and if you feel that not all suit your likes, it’s okay. Not all of us are hanging in the middle of the two worlds, some people do not have the grey matter, and have clarified their interests in their head, so go ahead make your picks and see what hooks you up into a binge-watching experience;

FRIENDS: I mean it would be a sin to ask if someone has watched this show or not, so let us start by saying that you can always go back and watch it again. One of the most popular shows of the 90s revolves around the amazing 6 friends primarily and the show portrays their daily struggles in the episodes spread in the platter of 10 seasons. This show successfully ran for a decade and people loved it. Its sarcastic, funny, romantic, emotional, sarcastic, full of puns and more, there is no end to the love people showed to this show and when it ended the entire world cried with it. There are people out there who have watched the seasons of this sitcom and each time loved it as they did for the first time.

THE BIG BANG THEORY: The only show of its time that for starters made the idea of scientists, geeks, and nerds popular, the culture among the youth when the show released witnessed a boom of a different nature altogether. Ever wondered where did the slang word ‘Bazinga’ comes from, yes people, this is the show who introduced this word from one of the primary characters on the show ‘Sheldon Cooper’. The show is about 4 friends, who also are super intelligent and how they meet the women in their lives and how everything changes for them. The show ran successfully for 12 years on television and had one of the biggest fan bases across the world.

TWO AND A HALF MEN: The story of two completely, wholly grown men and a little kid. And this is also the reason why the show was called what it was, the show takes flight on the humour and the mindset of these two men and how they wrap their life around this little guy living with them in their house filled with love, affection, emotion, humour, and respect. This also was one of the most popular shows of its time and ran for more than a decade. The show started with Charlie Sheen playing the lead but later in the following years the lead was taken over by Ashton Kutcher

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Now talking about shows that will not take you to the 90s, this one is one of the recent ones. This show takes the adrenaline and pumps it up to new heights, this one is all about detectives, thrills, one-liner, quirks, and more. This show has also made sure it kept its viewers hooked up for a long time. The streaming continued after a few glitches initially when the show was launched, the broadcasting company finally had to resolve everything and bring parity to the situation looking at the fan base.

HOUSE OF DRAGON: we all have seen our fair share of the game of thrones, some liked it, and some didn’t. this is a prequel of the same series, this show talks about the house of Targaryen where the events started 300 years ago, much before the events unfolded for the game of thrones.

OUR PLANET: This web series is new and talks all about our planet. It covers the beautiful mountains, seas, oceans and more. With amazing graphics and beautiful cinematography and directing, this one will make you sit through the entire series. It’s completely worth binge-watching.

PANDEMIC: This one, watch at your own risk, with so much happening on the planet right now, this web series will take you back to the how and why the pandemic takes place. The number of lives it affects and how the world changes after that, it may also make you a little low because if the idea of watching it in such an ideal situation of quarantine but if you have an inquisitive soul, this will fulfil all your queries, and there is a very high chance that it will help you educate the ones around you about what’s happening in the world right now.

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