More often than not, we have a habit of burdening our skin under the layers of foundation eye shadows, concealers and what not. But there is nothing much that we can do about it in the festive seasons when we don’t have a choice but to wear makeup.

We all want to look pretty in our parties, festivals, big days, etc. and we keep covering our acnes with foundations, concealing the freckles and smoking up the eye. And then eventually when we go back home, we hardly have the energy left from all the meet and greet, we are looking for the first chance to jump to the bed and we wouldn’t even go through a cleansing routine, forget the unclogging of pores.

If you are anything like this then your skin for sure must be crying for help and looking for products that do not harm it. We have bought you a list of top 5 luxury skincare products that are totally worth the splurge, it can be counted as an investment made for the skin. The following products amazing, bring results our positively, are efficient, and worth each penny you spend on them;

CLINIQUE CLEANSING BALM: Obviously you are figuring, for what reason do I have to spend a great amount on an item that only removes my cosmetics? Be that as it may, take a little of this purifying demulcent and you will know precisely why. This one begins off strong and as you emulsify it, it liquifies tenderly, lifting off your cosmetics, down to the most waterproof one of them and leaves your skin absolutely clean, and not at all dry

FOREST ESSENTIALS LIP SCRUB: You have used innumerable lip colours on your lips, reused them, till parts of it have decided to stay on your lips, its high time your lips get some long due pampering. One of the ways to show this is to use a scrub that would help in exfoliation of your lips and remove all the collection you have made of the dead skin. Then apply some lip balm finally on your lips to give some relief to them after the massacre of your harsh lipsticks.

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT: The Hollywood approved face mask has been quite popular among the celebrities for a reason, it works wonders. Once you apply the mask on your face, it’ll start to tingle, but that would be the product doing its job. It goes inside your pores and pulls out all the dirt and leaves your skin fresh and moisturized.

KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE: Once you are done with your day and you are just about hitting the bed, this is exactly when you need to pour this serum generously over your face and rub gently. This one smells like lavender and will leave you fresh and smelling good through the night. It comes with skin-pampering goodness and your skin is going to fall in love with this serum, it’s worth the money spent.

L’OCCITANE IMMORTELLE PRECIOUS EYE BALM: If you have been using a concealer that is used under the eye area to take care of the heavy makeup you put on, you need to treat that area like it requires some major massage of the loving eye balm. This product will take of the love it requires and the letting go of the dark circles that may pop up the next morning due to the lack of sleep and make you look like you had a good night’s sleep.

This is not the time to take your skin for granted if you have a job that demands to look presentable or you are from an industry where the use of makeup is more than usual or you generally love putting makeup, go ahead and look as beautiful as you want. But make sure you have found yourself the best luxury products for your skin and they take care of your skin as it should. These above mentioned top 5 luxury skincare products will ensure that your skin remains fresh like a peach and you’ll know all of them were worth the money you have to spend on each one of them.



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