A high number of companies have implemented a work from home looking into the seriousness of the situation. The employees are as well trying to bring out maximum productivity in them.

For some people it may sound like luxury to stay at home and work but for others it not. You can make a straight line between people who are willing to work and grow and people are just existent stretching themselves to do the work and only looking to have salaries credited to their accounts, but worry not, few years down the lines you’ll still find these people doing the same thing while you would have achieved great heights.

Every success story comes with its own set of hardworking models, internal will, hunger to grow, strategies, and more. Here are few to-do things from successful people and experts to follow when working from home;

Routine: Just because you are working at home does not mean you run away from the usual preparations, never do that. This behaviour will only pull your productivity down. Wake up at your usual time, take a shower, get ready, eat a healthy meal and get to work like you did. As surprising or tough as it may sound while you are home in your comfort, this will come to use in the long run. This will keep you in the zone that have to work like you did every day. You’ll be maintaining a schedule and if you have a typical job that demands the usual working hours it will help you keep the same in line.

Work space: It will always be tempting to sit in a comfortable space and do your work, snuggling in a bed and working is not going to help you though. The more useful way of doing your official work is to find a space in your house where you can dedicatedly sit and do your work, fix a spot for it and work just there. Let that place remind you of your pending work, anything that you are yet to finish and trust this idea it will keep you doing better.

Sitting: If you have finally zeroed upon the place you will use as your workstation, keep another thing in mind, that you cannot keep sitting continuously in one place. Take the breaks you did at work, use them to physically exercise your body, the travel and commute time has already negated from your routine, use this time to your benefit and stay fit. Keep stretching in a few hours, this is your time to shed those extra pounds you have gained sitting all day at work.

Get out: This is not the time to meet people, party or even step out of the house, with a pandemic waiting for you to open the door for it, its best to stay in your promise and make the most out of it. Take small walks on your terrace or balcony, catch some fresh air, open the windows and feel the sunlight.

Stay in touch: If you have work where you have to coordinate with a team, stay in constant touch with them. Staying connected will help you keep the work going and at the same time keep the team on their toes, this will push them to finish off their tasks on time as well. The idea is to keep your team organised with you and make sure their equally involved in the work like you are. If you can connect on skype or video conferencing will also help.

Multitask: Do not expect yourself to ace the art of multitasking in one day, the advice is to avoid trying to do that. Its never a good idea to volunteer to multitask. Dedicate the time needed for it and do the same when you are not involved in something important related to work. In the hurry to fix two things, you might end up spoiling both your official work and your house chores.

There is a no harm in finishing off your work early and then landing on to these chores, or even take a break in the middle of your work and finish of what you are intending to do, this will help you take a break while your mind has relaxed. If you want to cook a meal, do it either in the beginning of the day or at the end, and try eating lighter, heavy meals may only make you feel lazy through half of the day and restrict you from performing the way you can otherwise.

We hope you are not looking to turn into a couch potato in this time of the year when the world faces a medical emergency and we are bound to sit at home and work. Make yourself productive and do the best of what you can from your area of work.


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