How are you planning to spend your New Year eve this year? The same old hopping from one event to another and wishing friends and family through a delusional anomaly of social messages, or you finally are striking off a plan from your bucket list.

As much as you think that the New Year events are interesting and the best way to spend your eve, we would like to differ on this opinion. The year has to end with a satisfactory wrap of your escapade while it brings the new beginnings to fresh experiences and adventures lie ahead. And there can be no better plan to spend your holiday experiencing some of the best travel destinations in India while you kick-start your year having explored a new side of your country.

India has been known for being one of the most beautiful places to travel, popular among travellers around the world with innumerable destinations to plan a perfect New Year eve. We have listed down below for your perusal, a brief about all the 7 popular places to travel in India this December to start your year with a bang, full of positive energy and enlightenment;

  1. Mumbai: the city that never sleeps, especially on New Year. The year-end is a gala in this city, while you’ll see the locals partying away; you will find ardour and enthusiasm in each soul here, regardless of what age they are at. Events are happening around the place and each corner is lit up filling up life in the dull monotonous routines of people.
  2. Goa: Our very own Las Vegas of India. From exotic beach stays to cheap alcohol to dazzling party scenes, there is anything that you would not find here. This place is a family-friendly as it is for a group of youngsters. There are beautiful scenic places for your family to have a warm get together and enjoy the year transitioning into a new one with positivity.
  3. Bangalore: Or as we now know it, Bengaluru, is as much as a party hub as it is the IT hub. The climate is perfectly moderate; the city is surrounded by lush greenery, massive malls, and suave eating places, artistically bend events, the educated crowd, and more. If you haven’t already been to this city, you have no idea on the kind of zeal you are missing on to, make a trip this New Year and make the most out of your holidays.
  4. Delhi: the capital has been a portrait of class and poise in its fancy extravagant ways. But when it comes to New Year eve, the capital takes it all out for its visitors and locals. If you are on a budget or you are looking to make it lavish, this city will treat with open arms. Delhi has always topped the list of best places to celebrate New Year in India, and for a reason. From celebrity-owned elite party clubs to modern and culturally rich art events, the place serves the platter of all age groups.
  5. Gulmarg: This may sound a little offbeat, but this can turn into one of the most exotic experiences of your life. Around the time of New Year, Gulmarg turns into a beautiful sculpture of snow rich art that yearns for celebration. This place will not give you loud music and parties, but it will take you into a ride to serenity, skiing, romance, and more. If there is a nature lover inside you, this place will prove to be a blessing in disguise.
  6. McLeodganj: Placed beautifully between the ice-capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh is this tiny abode of a place. This beauty turns into a musical gala on the New Year eve with people coming to witness it from all around the world. Popular among international tourists, all the little fashionable and creatively designed cafes turn into a party in themselves. People get together here, play music, and enjoy good food, share stories and more.
  7. Jaipur: This one is royalty, full of its regal charm, one place that can be explored the best with your loved ones. Dive into the local heritage and enjoy the city lighting up royally on New Year. Take your family on a trip to experience, rich culture, luscious food, cultural performances, and etc. several resorts and hotels offer packages for families to stay and attend personal events without even having to leave the hotel on New Year and get the vibe of it.

So in case you started to wonder, what are the places that you can travel to this new year, go through this list and keep going back till you have managed to tap on each of these places, they all come with their own significant experiences that will add to your memories and make your new year eve all the more fun.


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