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Cynthia Chiam, Entrepreneur

For more than a decade now, India, a booming land for start-up culture has been rooting for more and more efficient co-working spaces.

In existence for long, the rapidly transforming trends in the co-working spaces have suggested for long that the industry is going to move ahead of its time and witness substantial growth in the forthcoming years. Let The CEO Magazine take you on a tour of the trends that are going to be the most modified towards enhanced advances in this sector;

  1. DESIGNING: The one thing that these spaces have been popular for is the way these spaces are designed to keep the employees elated and more interested in coming to work. The designing is only getting better with time and efficient for users to be more environmentally friendly. There are paperless offices that are being designed; the furniture is being bought in from the recycled materials. Environment-friendly options are being taken up popularly, the culture of a desk job is being thrown out of the picture and more employees friendly and comfortable environment is being designed to work.
  2. LOCATIONS: Since the start-up culture is booming the need to be present in more than one location has also amplified. And with the property rates soaring high in the present market scenario, it only makes sense to go for co-working spaces. It is an economical option and helps you be present in the location your clients are available at.
  3. NATURE: If you go deeper into the transformation of this segment, you’ll notice that the inclination of these offices is towards a green working space. Offices of this kind are now being designed with natural plants, more greenery, and environment-friendly additions. A variety of concepts like mini waterfalls, green walls, structures that support a nature-friendly environment has been promoted a lot lately and needless to say with where we are going with our planet, it doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.
  4. TECHNOLOGY: The trends for technology are the most affected in the co-working scenario because these advances are the most sought after. The business houses today are trying to incorporate technology to their work nature to a level, where the need for manpower is reduced. Everything has advanced from access cards, space management, booking systems to software, automated bills, attendance systems, salary systems, trackers etc. The hassles that the offices face have been outgrown with the help of technology and this is only going to be further perfected for better use.
  5. DIGITAL BEND: This is one trend that has seen a major ascending trajectory. No matter how big or small the working area is, no matter what brand you are working for or how much money you make, if your brand is not out there among people, it isn’t serving the purpose. It has become significant to spread the word to tap on extensive markets and potential clients. Once you get yourself a co-working space, promoting it with good video and social posts is the next big thing to do, this will help you increase the reach and convey your brand message better than what you will in your old fashioned way of PPTs.
  6. SEGMENT ORIENTED: The idea of offering co-working spaces that are specific to a certain segment has been popular for a while now. Say for example you are a writer, a musician or an artist, space would be designed keeping in mind your profession, taste and official needs to ensure that you do not feel alienated. There are amenities provided according to the needs of the workers and to attract a professional from that specific work sector. The communities seeking these tailored co-working spaces have been growing and getting stronger with time.
  7. THE SHIFT: From where the idea of a co-working space started, it was earlier believed to be only friendly for freelancers or entrepreneurs. But today the scenario has seen a massive change; these spaces have turned friendly for a decent business setup making it more and more corporate-friendly.

The trends that you have been enlightened on, in the above-mentioned list are not necessarily going to be the same for all the segments or even region. But having said that, there is a boom awaited and there is no doubt about that. The culture transformation for the co-working spaces is already living in the future compared to the other industries. And like they say, to succeed in what you seek, you should offer your client something that no one does. The Co-working sector is just the ideal place right now to make your mark in the industry without having to ethically hamper your business.

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