One of the most crucial decisions that you take in life is learning yoga. The practice of yoga is one of the best ways to stay emotionally, physically and mentally fit in the best spiritually healing way.

Essentially the word yoga comes from the word that means union in Sanskrit; it denotes the union of mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has spread across the world like wildfire, it has become a phenomenon hard to ignore for millions to transform them to find their true self.

So here are a few tips that you can keep a track of if you are new to these trends and are looking forward to a brilliant career in this field;

  1. The more you practice the better you will get, to make sure that your postures and alignments are in place and improving, it is imperative to have a schedule for each day to follow. Generally, the experts recommend that the practice should be maintained for at least two hours every day. Complacency and lethargy are only going to adversely affect your career growth, so avoid it.
  2. The only process that never stops is the process of learning, it is continuous. Never stop analyzing the market for new trends and updates on what’s new happening in your industry in terms of various health aspects. Start reading, read all kinds of blogs and journals possible on yoga and keep yourself posted on the updates and news.
  3. No matter where you reach in your journey or how big you get, always remain closer to your roots. Do not forget where did you all start from; being humble is the foremost connection that you’re going to make with your students. This will help in playing a significant role in the liberation of your spirit and awakening the inner you. And the only way to play this role well is to compassionately and humbly take it ahead. Arrogance is only going to push the people away from you, try not to portray arrogance.
  4. Helping your students or otherwise should be your foremost priority. Your students should know that you are available to assist them whenever they are in doubt or face hindrances. Providing necessary guidance to your students would prove beneficial for them and at the same time for you, it will make your management and suggestive skills better.
  5. Always remember a thumb rule of yoga, keep the basics right. Having accurate knowledge of the basics will always keep your practice on track. Yoga essentially is the connection between your soul and spirit, it helps you comprehend your inner self. And to make sure that your grasp is strong on the concepts of this practice, you have to effectively learn the Vedanta and yoga philosophy.
  6. Give everything you teach a personal touch, we all have a different way of teaching and learning. And if you could personalize your manners, it will help a student get connected to you on deeper levels and remember what you have taught far better. This will help in making your practice more beneficial and effective for your learners.
  7. Share as many experiences as you can, it helps in knowing each other better and relate to stories. There are times when we find a connection to a person in terms of past experiences and learning and make our grounds based on their manners of dealing with situations, this develops a stronger bond between a teacher and a student or even otherwise. It’s always a win-win situation to bond over tales from the past to convey your message better.
  8. Make breathing exercises of utmost importance, this is one task that you will have to ace to bring out desired results. It is imperative that one masters these techniques and provides students with the same learning. You just cannot get this wrong, breathing exercises are what yoga largely depends on.
  9. Make your practice unique, this form of art is more about practice than about theory. Hence, make the concepts as clear as you can and give the way of designing your touch. Add expertise to your skills and utilize them to the benefit of the students.
  10. Hold your integrity high, be authentic in whatever you practice and only preach the same. If you don’t share loyalty with what you preach, your wisdom is going to go all waste, so stay honest to your teachings.

If you have decided to spread the knowledge of yoga among commoners, there is no experience that is more rewarding than this. This will not just help you transform into a better form of yourself but also at the same time spread enlightenment among others.

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