7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Anti-Morning Person

7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Anti-Morning Person

There is no doubt that Breakfast is the most essential part of the daily routine. But for an anti-morning person, snoozing alarms, waking up and getting ready in a few minutes is usually a routine. This leads to no time for breakfast alone; having a healthy breakfast is just an off the table situation. This is the most common problem, the working population of India and various other countries faces. Whether it is for people staying away from home for work or a family with working parents, mornings are the busiest time of the day.

Wasting the a.m. meal is the worst thing one can do to harm their bodies. But, this problem has not only one but many quick fixes that can help many people have brighter, healthier and fresh mornings. These ready-to-eat breakfast ideas result in the perfect meals for your sluggish mornings.

Each of these ideas contains ingredients that are rich in fibre and contains essential nutrients that are a perfect energy booster to start the day and keeps the metabolism up till lunch.

  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs: The easiest to make breakfast ingredient that can be used in various forms including a salad or a part of a healthy brown bread sandwich or as a whole. The protein-rich ingredient is a great replacement of meat in the sandwiches. A simple trick to make your hard-boiled eggs available few minutes is using an Owen tray to boil them.
  2. Oats: The health freak’s favourite, oats is a great base for a healthy and quick breakfast. Rather than buying the preserved and flavoured oats, one should use the simple oats as a base and add simple and available ingredients in the kitchen to make porridge. The oats act as a great base for both savoury and sweet meals. Add some milk, honey and strawberry or banana, and some chia seeds to make your ready-to-eat delicious breakfast.
  3. Coffee:  One great way to have a quick back-to-the-grind moment in the morning is to have a good coffee. For quick summer trick for that morning coffee is to freeze the coffee in the form of ice cubes. Adding some milk with the favourite coffee-ice-cubes and your ready-to-go travel-friendly cup of coffee is ready. At the office, one can always refill the coffee for free and avoid spending money on the expensive coffee shop treats. This is not a great trick to save those bucks and have a customized coffee.
  4. Chickpea Salad: A bowl full of the chickpea, cucumber, tomatoes, some lemon and cilantro, this easiest chickpea salad is a great way to start those sleepy mornings. One of the most common ingredients in the Indian household, chickpeas are usually used in the curry form, but the ingredient holds nutritional qualities and is versatile which makes it easy to be used in various forms.
  5. Keeping a fruit handy: A seasonal fruit is a great way to start the day with something fresh, fiber-rich and nutrient-filled. The best part of having a fruit handy for a quick breakfast is that it can be used as an ingredient in the meal or can be consumed as it is as well. Buying the easily available seasonal fruit from the supermarket is to stay healthy and that too without making any special arrangements. Adding fresh fruits on the shopping list is one habit that can make the first meal of the day the healthiest.
  6. Smoothies: Having something that makes one feel full for the day and also is easy to make with just one step Blend, smoothies is the simplest solution to fight the morning blues and make breakfast to keep the day going. Adding seasonal fruits, nuts, and chia or papaya seeds in the blender with some milk or yogurt and a ready to go healthy smoothie is ready. A simple trick to follow for quick smoothies is to pack all the ingredients in the zip lock bags for different days over the weekends.
  7. Greek Yogurt: The super ingredient is a lifesaver in those late mornings where there is no eggs and cereal to make breakfast. Eating a bowl of this protein-rich ingredient or adding cereals and oats with some fruits and nuts, there are various ways in which one can use this ingredient and control hunger strikes and boost metabolism.


Skipping breakfast or just grabbing an unhealthy first meal is the most common mistake, people across the world do despite knowing its importance and they cannot be fully blamed because that is what their lifestyle allows. Fortunately, these tricks are here to rescue. They are a great way to have a quick, healthy and full breakfast that can fuel the mind and body to get back to the grind. Do follow these tricks and tell us how it works out for you.

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