Painting productivity and crafting engagement

Painting productivity and crafting engagement

Unique office designs to revive your workplace

A good workplace isn’t good enough! An organization’s environment and employees’ productivity go hand in hand. An effective office design can be a very powerful tool and can spark the engagement of employees, shore up communication, boosts health & wellness of the employees and adds to the productivity as compared to those beige painted walls and cubicles. Nobody wishes to get locked in a plain room, surrounded with humdrum chairs and fluorescent lights! The work-environment should foster an ideal environment for its occupants to perform at their best. So why wait to harness the capacity of this tool for an agile workspace providing an escape to office stress?

  • Workstations
  • Technology
  • Relaxation Corner
  • Let the sun come in
  • Artwork

Inside Hike’s nest: A breakaway from routine office space

The show begins from here- the registration check-post  (hello picture)

Cultivating the best for its people  (red wallpaper-passion never fails)

The hike code (hike code)

Eeenormous space for 400 people (seating area)

Walk carefully! You might hurt the grass!

A ‘Teen Patti’ in Office?

Inspiration taken from Lord of the Rings

The Workshop- Creativity at its full swing

Keep Calm and Meditate

Its nap time!

Sweat it out

A dreamy cafeteria with a pool table, an x-box and a huge screen

The Jungle room

Hike- a benchmark for blending creativity and fun in office space

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