Let the happiness take a route via your intestine this Monsoon

Let the happiness take a route via your intestine this Monsoon

For an entrepreneur, what can be the best way to reinvigorate his or her grey cells in this season of rains? Keeping in mind the strenuous activity an impresario undergoes what can be better than to take a break from the hectic lifestyle of corporate world. There are distinct ways by which one can uplift ones state of mind. But a food bon vivant will find a way to happiness via his or her intestine. An aphorism says that the way to someone’s heart go by way of intestine. The other fact is that if someone’s heart is happy then the probability of mind being happy increases exponentially. Indirectly, a person can keep his or her mind, body and soul healthy by means of good food which is healthy as well as palatable. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a special checklist for our readers.

Assorted Pakodas: There is something alluring about fried food, strangely when it’s pouring outside. On that emblematic rainy day, all you want is a hot plate of cheese pakoda, aloo pakoda and assorted pakodas with hot ginger tea.

Vada Pav: It is the unrivalled king of Mumbai’s street food. If you are in or around Mumbai, you cannot have missed the sight of a roadside hawker constantly churning out vadas and serving huge crowds of people. If you haven’t had Vada Pav during monsoon, then you haven’t experienced Mumbai’s best season yet. Next time it starts raining, forget your umbrellas and rain wear. Instead, get drenched, walk to the nearest Vada Pav stall and ask for fresh and steaming hot Vada Pav served with garlic and chili chutney.

Hot Soups: Soaking up the heavy showers? Protect yourself from the sneezes by sipping on a mug of your favourite hot soup. Rich, creamy tomato soup or even simple stock with mixed veggies makes for a healthy, tasty and nutritious option while craving warmth to complement the drizzles.

Corn Bhel: Corn is available in plenty during monsoon. If you are not eating them off the cob, the next best thing you can do with them is to make a delicious corn bhel. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, boiled sprouts, dash of lemon and a sprinkle of fresh coriander leaves for a healthy monsoon snack. Or make crisp corn pakodas out of them and serve with spicy mint coriander and green chili chutney.

Matar ka Halwa: The dazzling color of halwa goes perfectly in sync with the greenery outside. A bowl of this will revive all your senses on even dull gloomy rainy days. You can also make enchanting sweet platters out of this by placing quenelles of the halwa on fried bread disks- served sprinkled with dried fruits or rabdi.

Palak Samosa with Mozzarella: An inkling of smashed spinach in the samosa dough and gristly mozzarella cheese for the stuffing gives the samosa a brand new avatar. If you are too silly over the classic samosa with the crisp covering and spicy potato filling then make a pinwheel samosa- the traditional flavor of a samosa.

Mini Tempered Idli: A zesty twist to delicious steaming hot idlis, these are a welcome change from the normal unctuous food we crave during the rains. No need for sambhar or chutney with this one either. A great way to use leftover idlis- this recipe takes care of health, taste and convenience in one go.

There are numerous such appetizing foods one can enjoy this monsoon. Go ahead and rejoice in the rains!

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