Changing food habits and us


Changing food habits and us

India has been diverse for millenniums in many forms being it in food, culture, festivals, attires, traditions etc. From time to time these diversifications kept evolving with new emperors and kingdoms. In 21st century changes have taken a rapid speed. The biggest change that we have experienced is in our food habits. From the very beginning during the phase of LPG (Liberalization, Globalization & Privatization) in 1990s budding burgeoning class of India was in search of food alternatives.  LPG opened doors for MNCs to provide these alternatives in the form of fast foods. As a result of which we saw many fast food retail chains opened their outlets here. Some of them invested in cold drink industry while many others rooted themselves in chocolates, biscuits and noodles etc.

Earlier we could enjoy the food of a particular region. The inception of LPG brought regions and nations together. Now apart from many Indian cuisines we have the options of many international cuisines as well. It has become quite an easy task to order any regional food or international food by the means of online delivery options. Many MNC retail outlets have their multiple franchises which make it easy to order anything from anywhere. This has brought a lot of changes in our lifestyle. Now we can order any national or international cuisine by just sitting on our couch. We can enjoy the Chinese momo & dimshums or Japanese noodles. We can have the fun of Italian pizza or spaghetti all thanks to the IT revolution. It has become a lot easier to have fun of any tasty continental food. There are many mobile applications which enable us to order any food on our smart phones.

But apart from being alternatives of our daily staple food it has equally harmed us in many ways. Kids avoid eating home-made foods as they have become addicted to junk foods. This avoidance leads them to malnutrition and less growth. Obesity, malnutrition, food poisoning is one of the many diseases growing rapidly in kids. Diseases which were thought to be old age specific have started spreading among kids too. So to avoid this it’s hard time we started introspection about our food habits.

It is good to have something which brings a change in the dull and monotonous lifestyle by opting for something new. But that something new should not cost a person’s health.


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