Brush up that brain!

Brush up that brain!

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  1. The Tarun Ramadorai panel set up by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is established to take care of-
  2. Who said, “The consumer is not a moron. She is your wife”?
  3. Mention the previous stint of M K Jain, the newly appointed Dy Governor of RBI?
  4. Which business leader’s children ventured out their off-beat journeys, totally away from business? Hint: The daughter is a pop singer and son is a first-class cricketer.
  5. Where has Coca Cola launched its first alcohol based drink?
  6. Which mobile phone player is launching its micro lending platform ‘ Creditbee’ in India?
  7. Which Indian Cricketer own ‘Gully’, a street wear brand?
  8. Father of ‘Operation Flood’- a dairy development programme?
  9. India was a home to these earliest Co-operative societies-
  10. India’s share in the World Tourist market
  11. Which Government organization employs cricketer KL Rahul and Umesh Yadav?
  12. Which countries have imposed a temporary ban on fruits and vegetable exports from Kerala due to Nipah Virus?
  13. After Bridgestone and Mitsubishi; what giant automaker of Japan was involved in a quality-related controversy?
  14. Which social platform connected with National Commission for Women (NCW) to launch digital literacy programme in collaboration with Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF)?
  15. Which mobile network service provider has signed an MoU with SAP to jointly offer GST solutions?
  16. With which company NITI Aayog has signed an SoI to stimulate the growth of AI ecosystem in India?
  17. State bank of India was previously called as-
  18. First foreign bank in India-


  1. Household finance in India, 2.John Ogilvy, 3.Kumar Mangalam Birla, 5.Japan, 6.Xiaomi, 7.K L Rahul, 8. Dr. Verghese Kurien, 9.Credit societies, 10.Less than one percent, 11.RBI, 12. Bahrain and UAE, 13.Toyota, 14. Facebook, 15.BSNL, 16.Google 17. Imperial bank of India 18. HSBC

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