Beat the heat this summer

Beat the heat this summer

The summer is back with a bang and it has already set mercury soaring at more than 40 degrees Celsius. Now onus is entirely on us how we deal with it. Sun has the power to completely drain us. So we have to start taking certain precautions which will protect us from the detrimental effects. If the sun has started making you sweat a lot then now is the time to bring some solid changes in your lifestyle. After a few weeks we will get to feel the typical heat waves of summer substantially in north India. So in order to stay protected we have to be prepared   for the worst. The most common malady that attacks us is of “dehydration”. It is the synonym of a devil. Just like a devil sucks human blood it sucks the minerals and other essential nutrients from human body. In order to stay hydrated here is a list of some proactive measures:-

  1. As a result of excessive sweating we reduce our “electrolytes” which results in loss of energy. To maintain electrolytes we should keep taking water incessantly enriched with some minerals. We can add mineral rich fruits like watermelon, lemon etc. in water.
  2. We should try eating something loaded with minerals in quick intervals but make sure that it is light. We should “avoid meats” and heat generating foods such as eggs. It takes time to digest heavy foods in summer. Instead we can include green vegetables which are minerals rich.
  3. We should wear “lose clothes” because sweat evaporates quickly which helps us stay comfortable. It also maintains good air circulation. But we should make sure to cover the entire body if possible unless UV rays can damage skin.
  4. Although we want ourselves to be lying the entire day in the bathtub during summer which is not possible for most of us. But still we can take cold water shower twice or thrice (if possible) in a day. It can instantly make us feel revitalized. It is said that placing an ice cube on our neck can help immensely in reducing body temperature.
  5. Some people continue their habit of jogging or running in the sunny morning too which can have its negative effect. Running or jogging is not bad but it should be done prior to the sunrise. Running in bright sunny morning can make us dehydrated. Indoor gyms can provide a good alternative to it.
  6. Sun protective cream should be applied if someone is bound to face bright sun. One can invest in good sunglass which helps in protecting skin apart from the eyes.
  7. Artificial juices, alcohols and soft drinks etc. should be avoided as they don’t quench thirst rather they engender more thirst by releasing dopamine. When one takes alcohol in the sun it dehydrates the person further which in turn causes that person to perspire and urinate more.
  8. One can start taking green tea as it helps in speeding up the metabolism rate of the body.
  9. Even planting some new saplings can bring freshness in the ambience which can have a positive long term benefits. This can serve the purpose for environment too by contributing towards greenery.

So these are some of the measures that can be taken to make us prepared better for the summer season.

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