The CEO Magazine: Business Magazine for Business Leaders and Decision Makers

The CEO Magazine: A business magazine for business leaders and decision makers

The CEO Magazine is a Monthly Magazine for Business Leaders and Decision Makers. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified media firm, published from New Delhi, India. The CEO Magazine is a renowned and leading business magazine in the country. It is a perfect platform for businessmen and entrepreneurs to share their journey, business venture, unique idea and thinking with the world. The legal name of the company is Indiamanthan Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd. The Company has grown well and created landmarks.

Featuring interviews with inspiring business owners, leading CEOs, Entrepreneurs, MDs, and other key executives of leading companies, The CEO Magazine presents essential guidance for raising aspirants. In the interview, it covers the diverse sphere of the business world every time and comes up with companies from different fields. Famed for bringing the best industry knowledge and latest trends into the light, the magazine comes up with new issue every month. And, every issue of The CEO Magazine is dedicated to the specific sector.

Focusing on small to large business entrepreneurs, the publication is well-known for bringing valuable advice for all business people that will be supportive from the initial phase of a company to reach among the top market players. Apart from featuring interviews, it presents a wealth of articles in health, travel, technology, growth opportunities, business strategy, analysis, expert opinion, corporate case studies, leadership, and challenges facing and more. The team believes in giving the real and inspirational case studies with proper guidance to Companies, Startups, and Entrepreneurs and for this, it goes in all ways to present the accurate and exact information.

The CEO Magazine is like a hub of information and knowledge for Enterprises, Startups and vibrant entrepreneurs. They get it helpful in understanding the present market situation and take a decision in their company accordingly. That creates extraordinary benefits to the people, who are planning to enter in the business world to analyze the latest trends in their business domain; they also learn to organize and give a better understanding in achieving their business objectives effectively and efficiently. Besides its publication, The CEO Magazine is also active in the digital world; it updates informative articles with the attractive banner on a regular basis. It has a great presence in different social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more.

The area of expertise in firm comprises Monthly Magazine, Media, Publication, CEO Interviews, Print Media, Online Publication, interviews, magazine, Video Interviews, and Promotion.  All in all, The CEO Magazine is a source of information, inspiration, and motivation for the most successful business leaders, executives, MDs, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and decision makers.

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