‘Think. Create. Procreate’; autoAbode conquers the 3D Printing industry with its Duper range of 3D Printers

‘Think. Create. Procreate’;

autoAbode conquers the 3D Printing industry with its Duper range of 3D Printers

3D printing is revolutionary gift of science to the world that is loaded with immense capabilities in taking business experience to levels higher. A new wave of innovation in Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing is a process which can create 3D objects of any shape from a digital model. This technology has been gaining massive recognition on account of its wide spectrum of uses ranging from rapid prototyping to applications in diversified industry verticals covering  construction, architecture, engineering, medical industries, automobiles, aerospace and many more. The technology has been in the market since 1980s; however, 3D printers are being used for commercial production from 2010 on account of a significant slash in their price. Today, 3D printers have found an extrusive place for themselves in developed markets and their extensive penetration in varied industries indicates a promising future for them. India is undergoing fast paced development; which has motivated the startup ecosystem in India to embrace 3D printing technology and create wonders with it.

A strong determination to introduce next generation technology to every institution, organization and household at a very affordable price encouraged Shubham Garg to found autoAbode, a leading manufacturer of IOT devices through 3D printing and various solutions associated with it. Incepted in 2015, autoAbode has obtained a firm footing in the market having delivered unique solutions in research & development and Rapid prototyping as well as enabling many organizations across several industry verticals to create innovative and sustainable products. The company has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and offices in Singapore & India. Carrying out its operations through offices in Mumbai and Delhi, autoAbode has embarked upon its journey in India launching its cutting edge groundbreaking 3D printing services. The firm has its foundation on the philosophy of ‘Think. Create. Procreate’ which guides its every effort towards achieving leadership in manufacturing 3d Printers. Charting new horizons, the firm is now following robust multi-faceted growth strategy towards accelerating the adoption of 3D printing by various industries verticals and different sections of society, especially youth.

Duper range of 3D Printers

autoAbode has built a grand reputation in the global market as the manufacturer of evolutionary Duper range of 3D printers.  These Desktop 3D printers offer an amazing experience to the user enabling easy one touch printing for him, plugged in or wirelessly. This printer range is built to cater to the needs of every household, institution, and organization that needs custom 3D solutions. As revealed by Shubham Garg, Founder & CEO, autoAbode, during the press release of the products launch in India, “There is a massive rift between the technological advancements being made and their implementation in our day to day life. We aim to close this rift and create products that amaze as well as intrigue. Our first product is the Duper Pro Desktop 3d printer which will bring 3D printing to every household”.

There are three 3D printers in this range – Duper Pro, Duper XL 400 and Duper XL 800. These developmental printers are fully loaded with enthralling features that enable transcendental experience for users. Their futuristic design coupled with incomparable performance allows them to perform two times faster than traditional 3d printers and converts users’ dream designs to reality in just fraction of hours. Furthermore, these 3D printers are highly compatible with majority of operating systems widely used namely Windows, OSX, Linux, and all mobile devices; also, they are enabled with cloud support and can be accessed from internet as well as Smartphone.

Sans Pareil in its class, duper XL400 is the versatile performer designed to work with a variant range of 3D Printing materials. Empowered with an absolute balance of power and precision, duper XL400 is developed specifically for Industrial usage and can print with countless materials in a larger than life build size (400x400x300) with the precision and accuracy of duper Pro. It possess sweeping capabilities in 3D printing with any and all range of FDM materials (ABS, PLA, Nylon, HIPS, PETG and more).

Duper XL 800 is the new face of innovation in the world of 3D printing. It is the tallest 3D printer with a massive build volume of 128000 cm cube which enables it to produce massive builds with twice the speed. It is equipped to work with everything from Conventional materials (PLA, ABS), Infused Materials (Copper, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Wood, Metal, and Magnet Carbon fiber), Flexible materials (Ninjaflex, Trueflex) and Many More (Nylon, HIPS, PETG). Its immense build volume of 128 litres allows it to carve out huge parts with an accuracy of up to 20 Microns.

Unfolding Success

autoAbode is capacitating India to unlock the potential that 3D printing holds in initiating transformation across multiple industries. Within two years of inception, the firm has successfully delivered several projects in architecture, healthcare, rapid prototyping and custom gifting. The rich Clientele of autoAbode envelops giants from diversified industries including SAIL, Fortis, ACG, Indian Railways, CPWD, KEC, IIT, Aaron, Interactive Avenues, Siemens, Microsoft and more. Here’s a brief look into the major big projects undertaken by the firm:

  • Reshaping Architectural Modeling

Caterpillar Train – autoAbode 3D printed the architectural model of an avant – garde concept utilizing its expertise in 3D printing and IOT. Caterpillar Train was one of the most fascinating concepts unleashed on Rail Vikas Shivir 2016 inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The concept was designed by Dr Ashwani Kumar and Emil Jacob. To highlight its functionality and innovative design comprehensively, the team autoAbode modeled a city intersection and showcased the C-Train in practicality along with its Vertical Depot concept. autoAbode’s effort received massive recognition and was honored with coveted ‘MIT Global Award 2016’.

SAIL Projects in Make in India 2016 – autoAbode was given the opportunity to memorialize SAIL’s contributions in Make in India, 2016. The team created 3D printed models of MBT Arjun (Main Battle Tank) and INS Vikrant (Indigenous Aircraft Carrier) in one piece using multi-material 3D Printing. This was instrumental in highlighting the various intricacies of the design.

  • Rewarding strides in Healthcare

Pelvic Exstrophy – This project was a pre-surgical solution developed for complex surgical cases by the firm with the help of its deep seated knowledge in 3D printing. The case dealt with a complex surgery of with a deformed pelvis which required to be normalized and the doctors were not able get all the information required to operate. The custom built Pre-Surgical 3D printed model not only provided everything required but also it facilitated reducing the time of actual surgery by half.

Femur Bone – autoAbode developed the pre surgical 3D printed model for an extremely complex Femur bone. The team utilized duper XCEL range of printers to create an exact replica of a Femur bone, which is 26% of a person’s height and is a large and curved structure.

Digital Dentistry –autoAbode’s digital dentistry combines state-of-the art 3D printing technology with a small footprint. It is easy to use, and includes specialized dental printing materials in convenient sealed cartridges. It makes fabrication of stone models, orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays, clear aligners and retainers possible in few clicks. autoAbode’s duper pro 3D printer is specially designed to meet the needs of dental labs and clinics.

The inspiration behind the Success

Shubham Garg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, autoAbode

An entrepreneur at heart, Shubham founded autoAbode with the profound purpose of empowering the nation with new age technology of 3d Printing. Shubham has earned a Masters Degree in Media Marketing and has done graduation in software applications. He has more than eight years of core experience in digital marketing having served brands like Microsoft, Airtel, Vodafone, shopper stop, redbull, Fiat and LG.


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